Finding your motivation

2018 has definitely been the year I went from seasonal runner to full time runner.

Previous to this year I had always run during cooler months when it wasn’t too cold or hot. When it was dry and not too windy.

This year however something changed. Running became more than just a health kick. It became my way to battle the demons and anxiety. It gave me confidence and a new life.

I have already achieved more this year than I had in the 8 years I have been running. I have run a marathon, become a run leader and run in every weather condition you could possibly run in. My attitude has gone from hating every run to looking forward to running.

That is until recently when I lost my way a little bit and my reason for running. Only for a short time and I think largely it was because of the heat and the busyness of summer.

After a post I made to my running groups Facebook page about my lost mojo I was overwhelmed with the responses and reminder of WHY I run. I set myself a goal and my reason for running.

My motivation for running was firstly for my mental health! But with that I wanted to inspire my family and friends to do something that they feel passionate about. I became a run leader because running was (IS) my passion and I wanted to give others the guidance and platform to start and enjoy it.

My goal has become a bit hazy over summer but my ultimate goal is to run an ultra. A scary thought to some maybe but the idea of running a distance where there is no pressure on how fast you run and more about the mental strength to get through it is more appealing to me than running a marathon in a β€œexpected time”

Running gives me my identity. Being a mum and giving up my career as a nurse means that running to me is more than just going for a run to keep fit. It’s something I can do for myself that doesn’t need to cost anything but gives me a little bit of freedom and headspace.

Goals can help you to have something to give you focus and a sense of achievement when you complete them. But they do not need to be about how fast you can run a race. A personal best could be running for longer or more frequently or a distance covered.

Your why should be something that will get you out of the door and a reminder for those runs that you just do not feel like doing. You won’t regret a bad run only a run you didn’t do. We learn from our bad runs and they make the good runs even better.

I gave myself a mini break from the training when on holiday last week. It was just what I needed to realise I missed it… also a gentle nudge as the clothes have become a little tighter.

I’m ready to get back to what I love and take on bigger challenges. I’m also looking forward to doing these with Chris. We no longer have date nights just date runs.

I took a much needed break from following any kind of training plan whilst on holiday. It was just what I needed to reignite the desire to run. I only ran if I wanted to. This ended up only being twice so that I could explore but the route and the trainers I had taken didn’t really inspire me to run anymore. Instead I continued my yoga challenge and swam with the girls in the pool.

I’m now ready to get back in to it. Spending a little more time running for me.

Jaimee x

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