Keeping the motivation going

Keeping motivated with anything…. diet, fitness, life can be such a challenge.

We all go through the motions and life can feel like your on the longest rollercoaster. I started this blog post at the beginning of the month as I do all of them recently and its amazing how the direction of it changed from the start to now as it goes live. It highlights exactly how life can be at times.

Keeping motivated since I completed the MK marathon back in May has been the ultimate challenge and then some.

Marathon blues

I wasted no time in writing up a new training plan… in fact I had it ready to go as soon as I finished. The main motivation for this was a half marathon I had booked (more about that in a mo). I then knew I would go straight into marathon training but the only downside to this was I had no actual marathon booked. I didn’t want to lose my fitness though.

I didn’t feel the need for a long rest after the MK marathon because in the end it didn’t really have much impact on my physical ability to run although mentally I was exhausted.

I ran a local half marathon called the Flaming June half which is near Cambridge in Histon and Impington. I was really looking forward to doing it as lots of the Loves farm runners were also taking part. All I knew about the route was it was flat and partly trail. Turns outs the majority was trail with a little bit of road. It was also another very warm day. I feel like these hot races are following me around.

At least this time I was prepared for the heat. I also didn’t have any pressure on myself to run a PB or anything. I’m totally over that I really am. I just don’t get the same buzz running for times as I do to run with others! And this race reaffirmed that as I found myself running my own race wishing for it to all be over and not fully appreciating my surroundings.

Surround yourself with positivity

I was starting to feel a bit lost in everything going on around me. I’d started to lose sight of my purpose and why I enjoy running in the first place and there is nothing more demotivating. I found day to day jobs overwhelming and found that writing it all down and prioritising helped as I saw the things I had to do ticked off.

As the month has gone on and the sun has started to shine I find myself back in a much happier place than I was. Training is hard in the heat but I am not shying away from it like I usually would as I know it will help me to become a stronger runner even if it is a little slower.

My biggest lesson to anyone trying to run during a heat wave is go prepared with water and do not beat yourself up when you need to walk. Time on your feet is still time on your feet how ever fast that may be.

My happy place is on the trails. I love nothing more than to be out in the fields with only the sound of birds and the wind… when there is some. I’m quite amazed about how much of it there is. Having lived in the little market town that I do for most of my life I never really ventured far to realise it was there. Acres and acres of farm land. I just need to check which ones have public rights of way through them.

So what now?

As they say you cannot out run a bad diet. No matter how hard you try. When my miles were high I was eating so much and not all of it good. But my calorie burn was high and I was noticing changes. Unfortunately the marathon training doesn’t go on forever and so it should never have been my excuse. So now I find myself on a slippery road back to eating too much and not running as much.

The diet is being carefully watched and the miles will slowly go back up. I’m settling back in to training and keeping motivated by thinking about future races I could do in the Autumn and even more so next year as I hope to run a ultra. This is keeping me motivated to run through summer as I need to get used to running in the heat and facing the hills.

While the mileage on my feet is a little lower than it will be I’m making time for strength training and was given a brilliant idea of how to plan these workouts using coloured lolly pop sticks. I’ve even made some to use to help plan my speed sessions each week. I’ll share them once they are finished.

We finally have our very own parkrun in our little town and I am loving being involved with the volunteering. I am actually yet to run since we went into action but I’m sure I will have the opportunity to soon. I did run the route a few times pre and its very much my kind of route.

Its been great to get the girls involved and earning themselves some volunteering points. I like to expose them to a life that they could one day have as I hope it inspires them to do the same and not waste all the years I did being very unfit and unhealthy.

My next booked race is now not until the Great North Run in September so for now its all about enjoying the running, keeping fit and getting ready for Summer.

Jaimee x

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