The final weeks training

April feels like it has been a long month. It was busy and we have had a lot of fun. Marathon training whilst enjoying Easter, holidays and birthdays.

We always set off April with Ellies birthday which happened to fall on Easter Sunday which also happens to be April fools day. This meant we had one very excited birthday girl who not only had presents to look forward to she also had easter eggs too and we managed to play a trick on daddy!!

For me the start of April and marathon training looked set to be a injured one. After running far too many miles in March I was experiencing some shooting pains in my shins. Assuming this was possibly the start of shin splints I opted to rest the legs. We spent the first week of the school holidays eating far too much chocolate and going on bike rides to try and burn it off. Also it meant I was still doing some form of exercising whilst unable to run.

I was quite upset that this also meant I would not be able to run the 20 miles on the training plan. The blow was eased due to having done 20 miles in March but it still worried me that I was missing such an important week of training. Instead of sulking I took my bike for a spin and covered the same distance alongside Katie while she ran. It was a miserable wet, cold day but we got the miles done and she did amazingly. It took me some time to warm back up again as I was not prepared for how cold I would get on the bike.


The second week of the holidays was spent in the Isle of Wight. I decided to test the legs and kept to the trails to avoid running on hard surfaces. It was a beautiful place to run. We went on lots of walks and managed to cover the entire island by car. It has made me want to add the Isle of Wight ultra challenge to my bucket list now though.

Towards the end of the week I managed to brave an 8 mile road run and the legs felt fine… I had wanted to try and run my long run there but it would have taken up a large part of our last day on the island so 8 was more than enough.


Once home I managed my first long run since being injured and although it was not one of our longest long runs it was long enough to give me some confidence back that I was going to hopefully be ok.

Our last long run was a 20 mile run on a week that ended up being like the middle of summer. It was so hot and humid and it came out of no where. We have had such a bad start to spring with snow and rain that nothing could have prepared us for the massive change in weather.

We decided quite early on that we would consider reducing the miles if we could not beat the temperature increase. The heaviness of our water packs and fuel added to the horrid conditions we were running in. Poor Katie ran in to problems with her shorts as she experienced some chaffing that caused enough bleeding for her to need to call it in at 15 miles and be rescued before we reached home. By this point we were both confident that the miles we had done were more than enough to get us through the marathon.

I kept on going until home but I took the most direct route I could which took me to 18 miles. Enough to boost my confidence after having some time off my feet.


And then it was time to taper. I was prepared for how this would go with the desire to want to run the same miles. Our plan still had a fair few miles on it. The only real change was the long runs being a lot shorter.

After finishing the last long run during our taper I was still left over analysing and worrying about pace and timings. Katie and I have both set some Gold, silver and bronze goals but have chosen to keep those to ourselves so that we do not have the added pressure of trying to prove we can do it.

Ultimately we’d both just like to finish and enjoy it.

So with exactly a week to go until the marathon I will be spending time on eating well, focusing on stretching and resting my legs in time for my longest ever run.

My 3 goals

  1. Stretch and roll
  2. Nutrition
  3. Hydration

Total mileage for April 103miles. A massive difference from March but it was very much needed.

Jaimee x

2 thoughts on “The final weeks training

  1. Katie Rush says:

    Brilliant blog! Loved sharing this journey with you. I can’t put into words how proud I am of you, well us!! The training has been enjoyable and I know that’s because we’ve been together. Thank you Jaimee Xxxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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