What happened next…

So it feels like a long time since I put pen to paper fingers to keyboard.

After the Royal Parks I found myself in a bit of a downward spiral and it didn’t seem to be just me feeling that way. Lots of my friends were feeling the same.

Post race blues…

They are real! It always happens to me. I spend all my time and effort on my training and race day for it to be over just like that. I struggle to get back out running again and find that period of having no race plan to follow really difficult.

In particular I think I felt it with this race as  I wasn’t just thinking about it while I was training I was also blogging and vlogging all about it too. My whole weeks were focused around it. Life was going on around me and I went from feeling on top of the world to slap bang back down to reality.



This time however I have used running as my reason to keep going. I put those trainers back on and was straight back out there as soon as the race was over. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and I wrote myself a running plan and had something to distract from what is going on around me.

Its a way of escaping and releasing that dreaded feeling that anxiety causes but it doesn’t take away the problem. If only life was that simple. But it gives me the head space with how to deal with things a little better.

The dreaded post run binges have started to catch up with me and with out a real reason to keep the weight off I am finding it hard to get motivated again. All holidays and weddings for the year done. I need some motivation! 

Does anyone else find space or should I say cluttered space a deterrent from exercise? I have my own little gym room with a barbell and rack but the room is currently so badly laid out it’s impossible to want to be in there. It takes a workout to get it ready to work out in. Hoping I can change that after a trip to ikea… This is where I’d rather be out here where I feel free to move and I don’t feel like I’m suffocating. Your space is important. 


What next!

After reading an article in Womens running  on training with out a goal I thought it was time I set the next one.

Running the distance is the easy part… sort of. However pushing myself to achieve more is the challenge. I’d love to get that sub 2hrs at my next half. My local half marathon and one where my original PB was set. Current time to beat is 1:59.

Working on the strength in my legs between miles 10-13 is the focus so I am hoping to get a couple of 14 mile runs in as I normally build up to 12 and then Work back down again meaning I never really run these last 3 miles often. This will be the furthest distance I have run and next year I will start on increasing this more and more.

I’d also like to be a little more toned and lighter on my feet. Has to be easier to go faster if there is less of you to carry surely? My problem area is my belly. Like most of us ladies huh!


Going forward

So with these goals in mind realistically the first one is the only real achievable one for my next half marathon with just 3 weeks to go. So I will be putting my efforts into strengthening my legs and stamina for the distance by doing a few longer distance runs. As well as a 10k race to squeeze in there.

Then my winter focus will be on losing a few pounds in time for March when I run the Cambridge half marathon. This may be by focusing more on cross/strength training and nutrition. I want to get this half marathon done and dusted and my chaotic spare room equipped for workouts before writing any new workout plans.

Family meals have returned to normal and we are back to planning with the help of Jamie Oliver’s new 5 ingredients book. And enjoying the odd meal out here and there. The girls have been choosing a couple of meals a week and getting involved with making healthier choices. They are becoming a little braver at the dinner table too and trying new vegetables. They have even confessed to actually liking a few of them if they are mixed into the rest of their dinner.


Snacking at night time and post run munchies are my downfall as well as my lunchtimes at work. If I am focused on my end goal I know I can get back into the swing of things. Its not that what I eat is particularly bad… most of the time its just the amount.

So this is my accountability post. If I say it out loud to all of you reading and watching I am far more likely to do it!

Jaimee x


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