Royal Parks Half Marathon Training: Week 14 tapering!

The penultimate week before the race for training and its been a pretty boring one if I am honest. Not very many miles to report and this is the joys of tapering!

Mental battle with tapering!

I find tappering a little mentally frustrating because on one hand your in the swing of things and hopefully feeling the fittest you have all through training and yet your told to rest those legs and not put in as many miles and fast runs.

I am sat here writing this blog actually thinking what to write because there were so few miles ran to actually write about…

Reflecting, planning and dreaming

It has given me some time to reflect and think about whats next as I know the post race blues will truly set in come next week when its all over.

I am expecting it to be emotional as I have put so much of my time and effort in to it. I just hope it all goes my way on the day and the nerves do not get the better of me. I am starting to feel the nerves!

After finishing the book beyond impossible I was left feeling amazed at what Mimi Anderson has achieved in her adult life. For me these ultra challenges she has done are all beyond impossible! I don’t have the desire to put my body through all that but I have been thinking about a few challenges I want to achieve in the next few years. So while I ponder this and make my list I will finish this weeks recap and my challenges for October.


October challenges

This month I have ran a total of 86.5 miles which is only half a mile more than August so with this in mind I have set myself a challenge to run 100 miles through October. As well as this I am going to cut out all bad sugar for Stoptober! With exception to Sunday of course as I will be enjoying a post run treat.

This is going to mean no sweets for me on Halloween. I know I can do it. I’ve done it before and I need the challenge to get me back in the zone. What I don’t want to make the mistake of is swapping sweet treats for fatty savoury ones!

I’m motivated with these goals in mind as I know I can achieve them!

My training for the week went as follows…

Tuesday 3 miles 31:36 minutes 10:30/mile

In the afternoon I decided to try out a strength training workout starting low on the weights. It was about the right level I needed without causing and damage to my legs but I spent a lot of time resting between sets. This isn’t the kind of training I like to do. Especially when I can’t lift heavy weights.

I ran with the loves farm runners. I am really enjoying running in a group. It makes for some fun adult company as much as anything. Running with others is great for motivation and the time passes so much quicker.

Thursday 4 miles 40:39 minutes 10:01/mile

A run with my friend so again a nice run that passed the time quickly. We went out for a easy run and a stop at my friends new allotment. I was really noticing my lack of energy though and I am putting this down to no breakfast.

There was a time when I would just put up with this but it is what ends up knocking your confidence when your runs are not as good as you know they can be so I am going to work on finding something I can have for breakfast before a short run when I’m short of time.

Saturday 3.1 miles 35:53 minutes 11:25/mile

Park run day and today it was the whole family including the dog. Cookie did his first ever park run and I actually think he enjoyed it. Niamh had made such a fuss about going but she had promised her sister she would go if Ellie went with her to the junior park run so there was no way I was letting her break that promise.

Cookie was the compromise in the end because we knew he might not run it all and would be a bit slower so Niamh was happy knowing this was an option for her too. Secretly she was hoping he would stop.

But as we set off at a pace manageable for Cookie and let Chris and Ellie run on ahead Niamh actually said to me as we reached half way that it had been easy and she didn’t feel like we’d run much at all… we ran on to finish. The finish was a sprint all round. Me thinking Cookie must have had enough as he was getting slower let Niamh sprint ahead with out me and he went into chase mode pulling me through the finish tunnel in spectacular style!! He got a few cheers.


Sunday 4.1 miles 41:35 minutes 9:58/mile

The morning started with Niamh not wanting to go to the Park run after all. This child is like me she takes some time to psych herself up. I’m not going to feel bad next time we go when I drag her there because she loves it! She’s now disappointed she didn’t go.

Then I sat around all day waiting for Chris to return from his weekend away… time ticked on and no word that he had left for his 2hr journey home… slowly I gave up hope I was going anywhere.

I’m all for night time running but when its dark and 6 miles is on the plan I just wasn’t sure I want to chance it. By 6.30 the dark was setting in and I had eaten 2hrs prior so I decided to go for it. Not the planned 6 miles just as far as I could go on well lit roads.

I felt so much better for getting it done.

Total mileage 14.3 miles

Obviously being taper week the miles are low but I am seriously going to have to up my weekly mileage going forward into October if I want to reach my 100 miles!

Its only an extra 3.5 miles a week as my friend kindly pointed out for me which is very doable!!! If I am getting all of them in, in the first place.


Week 15 the final week

Tuesday: 3 miles steady

Thursday: 3 miles steady

Sunday Race day!

The nerves are really kicking in now but I am as ready as I’ll ever be.

The next time I blog will be a race day reflection.

Jaimee x


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