Royal Parks Half Marathon Training: Week 13 on the up!!!

This week has been pretty positive overall on the running front. With just 2 weeks to go it all finally feels like it is coming together and all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together nicely. You can watch my vlog here…

Mentally I do feel ready for race day but I think subconsciously I am so nervous as I have been having restless nights sleep where I just can not switch off and I am tossing and turning. I’m not even really sure what it is I am worrying about.

I have been feeling some insecurities with my body this week too which I feel like kicking myself in to touch as its madness. But since my attention turned to running and the focus was not on my diet and weight training I feel like those unwanted wobbly bits are also returning… my jelly belly has returned.

I won’t let it beat me though as I know what I need to do and how to feel more confident in my own skin and I am the only one that can make theses changes… so out with the biscuits and in with the whole foods and no sugar! Even my skin is showing signs of a summer full of unhealthy eating.

I’m actually feeling really motivated and determined to get back in to it as not only does it taste great it makes me feel great too.

As for weight training now isn’t the best time to start this up again with just 2 weeks until race day but making sure I get my body weight strength training in will be my priority. Then after my race I will slowly reintroduce some weights alongside my running until I find a manageable balance.


Tuesday 4.5 miles 9:44/mile 44:08 minutes speed work

Speed work with the loves farm runners. Really enjoyed our run. We did a steady 2 miles warm up run until we reached a long stretch of road. We then picked numbers to determine our sprint time. The most we had to sprint for was 3 minutes with a 3 minute recovery run.

I was pleasantly surprised at how I managed to do this at for me a very fast pace around 7.30/mile. I think at times I must have peaked at quicker speeds according to my garmin upload.

It felt really good to be getting some speed work in as until last week and this week I haven’t been in a position to do so.

Thursday 4 miles 10:06/mile 40:24 minutes

I woke up feeling pretty crappy and really not in the mood to run but I knew it needed to be done. I struggled to keep myself motivated but I managed to keep myself going apart from one dreaded hill.

My overall pace was pretty good though and I was relieved to be home.

Saturday 8 miles 9:40/mile 1:17:23 minutes

The girls didn’t want to do the park run. It seems to be a struggle to get them to go during term time as they enjoy a much needed lay in. To be honest its a struggle for me too.

But I still needed to run and decided to get my long run out of the way as we were doing a fun run on the Sunday and I knew it was likely to be hard to squeeze it in.

I’m so pleased I did as I felt great after. I hadn’t planned a route so kind of mentally planned something in my head which worked out perfectly to be the 8 miles I was hoping for.

Before I set off I had half a tailwind in some water and the other half in my water that I took with me. This ended up being my fuel for the run as I hadn’t made time to have breakfast before I left.

It may well be the placebo effect but I really think it gave me the energy I needed to feel confident with my run.

I had hoped to do negative splits but the route wasn’t very easy to practice this on as I reached bits where I had to slow down due to terrain rather than speed up. Also the hills would slow me down a little rather than speed me up.

The overall pace I was very happy with for a training run though and I’m hoping on race day I can pull it out of the bag and maybe get somewhere near my PB.


Sunday Bourn to Run 3k fun run

I wanted the girls to experience a race and to be rewarded with a medal at the end for all their hard work. It was great fun although the course was a little hard to get any kind of fast running if you were sandwiched like us between lots of people as the passing was so narrow at some points and if people chose to walk it was hard to get past meaning we were all queuing to get anywhere. A little frustrating for us adults but the kids still loved it.

Especially when they were handed the medal at the end. That was the icing on the cake for my 2. They are really keen to run some more.

Total mileage 18.1 miles

Tapering weeks now leading up to my race. Although I should have run around 20 miles this week ideally but the main achievement has definitely been to do my 8 mile run with confidence. I am not going to get any fitter now.

Week 14 Training

Monday: Strength training

Tuesday: Loves farm runners

Thursday: 3 miles easy

Saturday: Park run

Sunday: 6 miles

Focus for the week ahead

This week my main focus is to be my mental readiness for race day. I know I can run the distance and I’m not going to get any fitter… although I’d like to be a little lighter!

I am going to try some relaxation techniques to help me get better nights sleep so that I am not worrying during sleeping hours. Switching off my phone and reading may help this as I am a nightmare for using my phone into the night.

Jaimee x

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