Royal Parks Half Marathon Training: Week 8 getting quicker!

Taking the next step!

Week 8 marks the start of the speed training for my plan. It hasn’t got off to the best start but it was a start and I hope by the end of this phase I will be able to maintain a tempo pace of 8.30/mile.

The week has been yet another busy one with another road trip to visit my best friend that I have known since uni. She happens to live in the same seaside town as my in laws so it feels like a second home to me and the girls.


It was so lovely to spend some quality time with her and the kids as despite living round the corner from the girls grandad we actually do not do it often.

We were treated to a sail on Oulton Broad in her boat which the kids absolutely loved and then the following day a treat of fish and chips by the sea and a splash in the water fountains.


The weather was amazing and I had decided not to take any running gear which I regret now as I found a lovely running spot close by that I will one day run when we are next there.

Feeling defeated

I finished the week a little low in my mood and a little like something I feel like I could be good at in reality I can’t. I’m not sure I am cut out to be a fast runner. My diet has gone a little out the window which is evident in the lack of images I’ve shared on Instagram recently. It is making me feel low and sluggish and I know what I need to do to change it its just not being home much and lots of other things to prioritise meal planning hasn’t been the best!


My running recap as always has a vlog which you can watch here…

Tuesday 4.6 miles 43:34 minutes 9:28/mile

Today was supposed to be a Tempo run but it was far from it. I could just about get myself into the 8-8.30/mile zone but I could not maintain it and then I would be left breathless and needing to walk. This is pretty much how the rest of the run went. I had eaten dinner a couple of hours before but it was a heavy meal and it resulted in me getting a stitch and feeling like I could be sick. Not an ideal situation to put myself in but I was so hungry and felt like it would have hindered my run more not eating.


Friday 3.1 miles 31:12 minutes 9:48/mile

I nearly convinced myself that I didn’t need to run as I had been away for a few days and the long journey home and the lack of sleep had left me very tired. However I was looking after my sisters dog who hadn’t been walked so thought I should get off my bum and get it done with Buddy for company.

It was a comfortable quick run and not the 4.5 miles I had planned but I felt better for going.


Saturday Park run 35:42 minutes 11:21/mile

First parkrun in a while with Ellie and Chris. Very slow for Ellie the time above is what recorded on Strava but it was actually slower than this. She tried her hardest but after a break from running its not surprising it was a little slower than normal.


Sunday 9.5 miles 1:42:20 10:44/mile

The actual time and pace recorded on both my watches… Strava thought it would be helpful to take a few minutes off. I’m not sure why it keeps doing this.

Today was not a fun run. I had planned an 8 mile run but I knew to achieve my 20 for the week I would need to run a little over 9 miles to reach my target. I didn’t particularly want a fast time but a comfortable 10/mile pace. However I was in so much pain with my calves the first 3 miles was slow. The heat was too much and I found myself walking more than I would usually. Not for long but too long when I know I am capable of so much more.

I returned home feeling deflated and annoyed with myself. I feel like my running is getting slower not better! Everything hurt and I was too hot to really enjoy it.

I had a little cry and pulled myself together.


Total Mileage 20.4 miles….

The only positive to come out from this week as last week I set myself a target to reach 20 miles throughout the week! It was tough but I got it done.

Week 9 Training

Tuesday: 4.5 miles Tempo run

Wednesday: 3 miles easy run

Friday: 4.5 miles steady run in Saxlingham Nethergateย 

Saturday: 10 miles in Saxlingham Nethergate and surrounding villages

Running accessories to try!

I have purchased myself a few running accessories to try and plan to write a separate blog once I have… I discussed these in my vlog!ย 

Elastic laces for when I finally get some new trainers…

Anti-chafe balm to protect those thighs when I am wearing my shorts in the hotter weather we have been having!

And finally some kinesiology tape to try and help those calf muscles that are causing me so much trouble.

I also have some compression socks to try out a little more alongside more rolling.

I will do anything to have a better training week for the remainder of this time left before race day as I am starting to lose the motivation and fun I had been having until now.


Focus for the week

Watching my mum get married and having a fun time with all my family whilst enjoying a few runs in Norfolk cause lets face it anywhere is better than running here!

Getting my calf muscles sorted trying out the new things I have plus not avoiding using my roller. I have a few days at home before I go away on Thursday for my mums wedding so I will cram in what I can in this time and do some stretching and strength training too.

Have a good week everyone

Jaimee x

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