Beautiful walks in the Lake District Part 2… Eskdale and its valleys.

We have just returned from a holiday in The Lake District in an area not to far from Scafell Pike. Our holiday took us on so many beautiful walks and it was so lovely to get away and be somewhere we all love to be… out in the countryside.

We are townies wanting to live a country life and each time we go away we say we want to move there. Its almost predictable. So our challenge is to actually one day pick one of these beautiful places we have been.


We took the… scenic scary route through the Hardknott pass despite having some warning that it wasn’t suitable for motorhomes we thought it would be ok for us as we were travelling in a car…. think again! We have since found out it is the toughest mountain pass to get around in England and I can quite believe it. The girls were crying by the end of it and it was like being on a rollercoaster… I literally can not describe how scared we were… well accept Chris who was like a kid in a toy shop!


Eskdale campsite and water mill

We stayed at a campsite in the Eskdale valley near Boot… Eskdale Campsite was set in a stunning location with a stream running right past our tent and a beautiful watermill a short walk out of the campsite.


The campsite had everything you would want… showers that were hot and none of this pressing every 10 seconds for more water, a washing room, shop with a few essentials and a washing up room. They even had a family shower room which was perfect as me and the girls could all shower at once with room to swing a cat…


The girls loved the campsite as it had a trampoline and park. The kids were all so good at listening to the camp managers rules of 10 minutes each and then someone else’s turn.

We hardly saw the girls when we were not out walking, they were bouncing, playing and making friends.

There were 3 pubs close by… we ate in 2 out of the 3. The Woolpack Inn and the The Boot Inn. I can highly recommend The Boot Inn the food was delicious and it was just a very short walk from the campsite either via a short cut off road path or along the road. The Woolpack was a lovely more modern pub with food that sounded delicious but unfortunately I picked something that was not so nice. However the rest of the group all enjoyed their meals.

Slightly further away as it was just short of a mile from camp but still a lovely walk towards the Hardknott Pass.



The only downside to the Camping side of our holiday was the very wet ground we were pitched on. It was already boggy so as the week went on the water started to seep through the tent… groundsheet and all. It was like walking on a water bed.

The weather was not great all week with very heavy rain each night so it only made it worse. They would do well to invest in some kind of drainage system as I know others were not too thrilled to be stepping out into mud puddles every day.



You can watch our short video of the campsite here…

We had several trail routes leading straight out from the campsite which we were lucky enough to do 3 of plus some of our own exploring.

Burnmoor Tarn 6 miles



The longest walk of the week however not in time just miles! The trail took us just over 3hrs with some of this including a lunch stop and a slight detour wrong turn!

The trail took us across some beautiful countryside and through fields full of sheep and cows.

Not too far from the campsite we were faced with our first obstacle of a load of said cows completely blocking the only stoned wall path through to where we needed to be.

We didn’t let this stop us though and we decided to be brave and walk through their field which involved climbing a couple of gates… We were soon back on track though until we reached a fork where the path wasn’t so clear. We opted for what turned out to be the wrong path but we soon realised and found our way back to where we should have been.


There are no real paths just signs that they have been walked by others so it makes for good fun! The ground was very wet and we had a lot of paths with mini streams so we did get wet feet by the end. Despite having waterproof shoes on.


It felt like a long time before we reached Burnmoor tarn but the views were breathtaking and totally worth the wait. The girls enjoyed the river hopping and exploring too.

We sat and had lunch by the lake before setting off to finish the route. It was a lot dryer than on the way there with it being a little higher.


We had decided to let Cookie walk off the lead as he is usually very behaved when walking as he prefers to plod alongside us than run off doing marathons… however he decided he would quite like to play and become a sheep dog. One second he is running along with Ellie and the next he has darted off down a bloody hill chasing sheep! I was hysterical. He was showing no signs of coming back or listening to us and was heading for a heard of cows! Poor Chris chased him down the hill down his best not to face plant into the bushes. Needless to say he didn’t come off the lead again the entire week!


We finished the walk with a very fun climb down again along a rocky path followed by a drink at the local.

You can watch our vlog of our walk here…

I made us a yummy curry on the campfire which I will put into a separate blog recipe and all. Perfect to refuel after our first full and fabulous day in the Lakes!


Train to Ravenglass

The following day we decided to take the Diesel/steam train to Ravenglass. We got on a Diesel train for the journey there. We explored the very small seaside town making a visit to the Roman Bath ruins and then for a stroll crab hunting along the beach! Not the kind of beach you build sand castles and swim in but it was a beach! We were there while the tide was out but I would have loved to see the water come in as the sea was so far out it didn’t seem like it ever would.


There wasn’t much to see and do so we had our lunch and tea and cake from the station cafe and set off again this time on the Steam train.

We got off a couple of stops away from ours so that we could walk the rest alongside the river Esk and up to the waterfall.


Stanley Ghyll Waterfall and the river Esk 3.5 miles


We decided to walk some of this 5 mile trail from one of the stops. We started off near another campsite that we had to walk through to get to where we would start along the river Esk. I made a mental note to consider looking at this campsite if we ever returned as they had a great play area in a little stream that all the kids were playing in.

Once out of the campsite we crossed the road through a field of sheep and over a little bridge to the path alongside the River Esk. It was a lovely easy walk along the river with the only real challenge being dodging a few rocks.


We reached a point where we could choose to continue to see the Waterfall or head back to the campsite. Of course we decided to head for the Waterfall.

It was a short walk from this point but it came with its challenges as some of it was a bit steep and slippy but the girls and Cookie managed it and it was worth it. Another beautiful sight.


We turned back to the cross roads we had been at before and made the short walk back to the campsite.

Another fun day out for everyone.

You can watch our journey on the train to Ravenglass and our visit to the waterfall here…

Blea Tarn 3 miles


The following day all tired from the previous days walks we were considering a day off from the walking but not wanting to waste the days we decided to join the others on their walk.

The start of the walk took us up the rocky path we had ended the Burnmoor Tarn trail with so it was a real challenge. Very steep and the path not very easy to walk on. We made it though and this time turned in the opposite direction. Even more spectacular views of the Lake District. We made our way down to the Blea Tarn. The water was so still and calming and the girls inform me quite warm.. its a shame it has been such a cold August as they could have had a paddle.


Once finished at the tarn we made our way back up another hill and back round to finish our walk. We spotted our campsite from the distance and a few other sites like the church and of course more importantly the pub.

We made our way back down the otherside of the hill fast as the rain had started and back to the campsite.


Of course no walk went with out its very own vlog so you can watch it here…

Ellie decided to twist her ankle on the trampoline once we got back so with all the worry that we would not get to walk up Scafell Pike we planned to rest the next day and I planned to do a long run instead.

However the next morning the rain came down heavy and my long run was sacrificed and Ellie felt ok to try a little walk to see the church across the road.


Church walk and the River Esk approx 3 miles

We set off on a little walk. It was raining so we all put our waterproofs on and set off towards the church. It wasn’t long before we reached it and after a quick look in and escaping the down pour of rain we soon set off again. Opting to continue along to see where the path took us than turning back.


We had a river to cross which in normal conditions can be done over stepping stones but the rain had made the river very full and fast so we walked to the bridge.

We had various river hopping to do and the walk actually ended up being far longer than I realised but it was totally worth it as it was so much fun for the girls… well all of us really to walk a relaxed trail with lots of fairy and elf hunting.


We ended the walk back by the church and this time we were greeted by the cows and their calfs and the biggest bull I have ever seen. But he was quite content eating and didn’t pay us a bit of interest. Safely behind their wall we said hello and finished our walk.

You can see all the fun we had on our vlog here…


The final epic day…

We all had an early night and packed our bags ready for our final day in the Lakes. The day we had all been looking forward too… maybe that was just us adults but we managed to get the girls excited too.

You can read all about our trip up Scafell Pike as well as watch our vlog of the day… It deserved its very own blog.


Whats next?

So now we are home and all thrilled to bits about our amazing holiday we do what we always do and start planning the next. We have so many places we want to see and challenges we want to take on that its hard to make the decision on what first!

If only we had all the time and money to do it all now.

So while we get saving, planning and making the final decisions I will continue to admire all our videos and photos and be thankful that I have these memories of such a brilliant week.

Jaimee x

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