Royal parks half marathon training: Week 7 back to reality

Training back at home!

After spending a week in the Lake District training and climbing Scafell Pike! As well as lots of other amazing walks coming home has had its moments.


Like everyone I always get major holiday blues following any holiday but this one has really been amazing. I wanted to get out and run and walk and nothing felt like a challenge.

Coming back home has been really challenging to get into it again. I allowed the girls to be my excuse and missed my run on Monday and instantly regretted it as I knew I would find it hard to fit it back in. I could have done it on Friday morning but the sleepless nights of camping made me want to sit around drinking tea and eating biscuits with my mum and sister.


I took my sisters dog for a walk though and made sure I did my active rest day but it didn’t feel like it was enough…

This leads me in nicely to the recap of my runs for the week… all 3 of them! And you can watch them in action over on my youtube channel here…

Tuesday 4.3 miles 47:16 minutes 10:48/mile

After battling with the kids to go for a bike ride so that I could run we got out but its fair to say I had a very grumpy Niamh on my hands who hindered what could have been a quicker run. I felt comfortable albeit a very boring run…


Thursday Part 1 2.5 miles 26:10 minutes 10:08/mile

Our first morning after a rainy day in the tent as we had set off for another short camping break with my mum and sister and the kids. I had tried to sneak out before every body woke but Buddy my sisters dog sat waiting at the door as he usually does when he sees me in the hope I am there to take him for a walk.


So off we went on a revised planned route as I was going to tackle the hills along the road but Buddy was finding the cars a little scary. So we took to the farm track that goes around the campsite we were staying on. It was very muddy and made running quite tough as I felt like I was wearing weights on my ankles….after 2.5miles I took him back to the tent.


Thursday Part 2 1.4 miles 13:58 minutes 9:41/mile

I wanted to complete 3 miles so after dropping Buddy off I went out for the 2nd part of my run. This time to attempt the hill up the road.

Its hard to see from pictures but its a gradual but long incline up once at the bottom. I paced myself up at the same speed as going down and survived!


Sunday 9.4 miles 1:42:28 minutes 10:47/mile

The night before knowing I needed to do a 10 mile run I decided to ask if the rest of the family would like to bike Grafham while I ran it… so far to date its the best route I know for scenery, hills and distance.

A good route to get plenty of practice with!

It wasn’t pleasant though. I really struggled with what felt like endless hills and the heat. After all these weeks of miserable weather we finally have some sunshine and I decide to run in it!


I was not a pretty picture as I ran in my crop top with tummy on show… no one needed to see that but I was just too hot.

My calves were really tight and I was wearing my compression socks. I was also wearing my trail trainers so I need to determine if these were the culprits!!! But I also need to get rolling.

As I sit here tonight typing away I can feel an ache in my right knee… I have been ignoring these aches so I am hoping with some careful logging of my runs I can pin point the reasons behind it.


Total mileage 17.8 miles should have been 21!

I am feeling slightly disappointed and frustrated with myself over this so I am setting a weekly target to reach 20 miles this week.

Week 8 training Build phase 2

This week is the start of build phase 2 where I need to work on quicker runs and endurance and the intensity of the runs. I’m a little nervous as I am not much good at this in practice.

Tuesday: 4.5 miles tempo run

Friday: 4.5 miles steady run

Saturday: Park run

Sunday: 8 miles possibly more if I take on Grafham again!


Reflection on what could have been a better week!

It could have been better. I let post holiday blues get the better of me and used the kids as an excuse to not get out and run.

I did however find my garmin watch while I was away and actually used it on my long run… accept I forgot to start it so it was pretty useless but it helped with the pace as I think its far better at recording that as I run!

I will use it a little bit more and make a comparison. I have a new Garmin on my wishlist for Christmas…


Focus for the week

I plan to work on putting negative splits as I talked about in my blog What I have learnt about running! So far…

I have a few bits of running equipment to try in the next few weeks and hope to blog my findings because quite frankly I wonder how much use some of this stuff really is! If anyone wants to send me some stuff to try out and review post away wink wink!!

As all weeks through the summer holidays I have things to fit my training around… this week is no different and my schedule has 5 runs planned but I have struggled to get 4 in I know I won’t get 5 in….

I have a friend to visit for a sleepover and a wedding cake to make so I am being realistic and just getting 4 done will be good enough for me!


Have a good week everyone and fingers crossed for more sunshine so see us through the holidays!

Jaimee x


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