Royal Parks Half Marathon training: Week 6 in the Lake District

Training in the Lakes!

What a week to spend training for a half marathon. Usually when I go away I would struggle to get up and get going but I had none of that. In fact with heavy rain being my alarm clock most mornings I was awake by 4.30 waiting around for morning to come.

The Lake District is a beautiful place and so peaceful. There is no such thing as a boring run there. If only I had opportunity to do more.

I had to fit my training in around our walks… I mean if your going to sacrifice a few miles what better way to do it. We have seen some beautiful places and completed some amazing challenges with the girls and Cookie. I literally have had the best week away.


As always you can watch my vlog here… which this week includes some footage from our runs. I really need to invest in a go pro camera. It will make this so much easier!

My running recap…

Monday 4.1 miles 39:16 minutes 9:28/mile

First morning run in the lakes and because of this we hadn’t had much opportunity to explore the area and find some running places. I ran with my brother in law and we stuck to the road. We ran to a cross road and then turned back and ran to the campsite. Even though it was all road running with no trail running it was lovely to have such nice views and peace of the countryside. There were a couple of small hills but nothing too challenging.

After our run we did our first hike of 6.7 miles in the lakes which I will be doing a separate blog for later this week!


Tuesday 5.2 miles 51:42 minutes 9:54/mile

We decided to make our run a little more challenging and turned left out of our campsite which takes you to the hardknott pass (the steepest mountain pass in the UK according to the campsite owner. We had the displeasure of using it on the way to the campsite the day before and believe me it is not an experience I ever wish to relive. The girls were crying by the time we reached camp). We didn’t actually venture up it but the route there gave us its challenges with hills upon hills. A great opportunity for me to get some interval training and hill practice in. We turned back once we reached the bottom of the mountain pass which was a far easier run and we continued for half a mile past the camp just to round up the miles… every runner knows stopping just before you reach the next mile stone is not something we do!

We of course then had another day out of even more exploring and walking…. to be continued!


Thursday 4.3 miles 38:48 minutes 9:00/mile

Wednesday had been a rest day from running but not walking so I had a very active rest day followed by what was supposed to be a long run on the Thursday. Unfortunately the rain decided it was not meant to be as we woke up to torrential rain that was barely visible. This meant our run along the River Esk was not to be.

The rain eased off and Mark set off on his short run. I hung on to see if it stopped to allow him the chance to run a faster/shorter run as I know I hold him back a little… not that he ever complains.

I set off once I was ready a short while later. The rain at this point was more of a drizzle but I ran along the road the easy way and I reached a sign for a trail we had walked the day before. I decided to give it a go for the way back and ran along the slippery river bank of the river Esk. It was a great opportunity to hunt out a easy short trail for us to walk later on in the day.

I was really enjoying the run so I’m not quite sure why I didn’t continue. Probably because I knew Chris and the girls would be waiting for me to return before we went out for the day.

Hind sight is always a wonderful thing but I should have made the opportunity to run further as I knew it would be my last run in the lakes!


Total Mileage 13.6 miles plus more than double of hiking miles

I had planned to run when we returned from our holiday but after climbing a mountain on Friday and then a not so attractive mountain of washing to get through I just didn’t fancy it.

Week 7 Training back to reality!

Well this week my biggest challenge will be fitting my training in around another camping weekend but this time with out Chris and with my mum and sister #nomenallowed (accept Louis)….

We set off on Wednesday and return Saturday so my planned runs will be…

Monday: Interval run (I can probably do this near a park so the kids can play)

Tuesday: 4.5 miles

Wednesday-Friday: Rest days with some active days walking the pooches

Saturday: 3 miles easy run with some strength training

Sunday: 10 miles (should have been a easy week but I decided to swap this when I knew I wouldn’t get the planned 10 miles in while away)

Reflection on a beautiful week

It truly was a well needed week away. I enjoyed eating but at the same time enjoyed a few campfire meals that were veryhealthycaterpillar approved!

We were active every day even if at times this was a little slow paced. We still earn’t our treats.

I tried out some compression socks for my runs and it did seem to help with aches and pains how ever I was running in my trail trainers so I will see if they still work with my road trainers… I desperately need a new pair! Soon…

Of course like with every holiday we go on I will blog about all that we got up to just as soon as I can. I have vlogged all week so have plenty of things to share.


Focus for the week

This week my focus will be on getting the miles back up and trying not to fall asleep on what is likely to be some very boring runs. And of course surviving a few days in a tent again after ending our last camping experience a little fed up of the wet muddy field we left behind with 5 kids and 2 dogs.

To be honest I think most of the summer holidays will be just surviving!!!

Have a good week

Jaimee x

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