Royal Parks Half Marathon Training: Week 5 training with the girls!

The end of week 5 has arrived… I now have just 10 weeks until the big day.

This week has been a positive one. Apart from the need to dodge the rain I have felt really confident out there on my feet. I haven’t made any grand PB’s but I have managed to increase the miles something that seemed to keep going wrong for me…and training with the girls has been fun. Perhaps not as easy as there were times I could have ran further but at least we have got them done.

I had planned to squeeze a run in from my previous week but decided against it as I’d much rather have a positive injury free week of training than squeeze in the miles.

This blog is likely to be short and sweet as I have a holiday to pack for. I’m dreading the weather a little being in a tent but it will not stop us from having some nice family time together.

This weeks training recap as follows… or you can watch our vlog here!

Monday 3 miles 30:17 minutes 9:53/mile

I had intended for this to be an extra run for this week but as I said above I decided being injury free was better than pushing myself to the limit. The first day of the summer holidays and it was miserable with rain.

We saw a window of opportunity and went for it. Girls on their bikes. It felt very comfortable and I could easily have kept on going but the girls were ready to return home.

I managed to squeeze a hill climb in and left them at the top while I ran down and back up again. Felt much easier. Looking forward to tackling a few hills next week.

We all felt energised and relieved to have escaped the house for some fresh air even if it was just for a short while.


Tuesday 5.1 miles 58:50 minutes 11:19/mile Loves farm runners

An unexpected run with the local running group on my estate. A group set up through RunTogether. Take a look and see if there is a group near you.

The run leaders had set up a little treasure hunt for us to try. A great way to take our focus off distance and time. We had to search for numbers 1-10 hidden in windows of houses and shops.

We managed to cover a good distance in the hour time allocated. Obviously speed wasn’t a factor for this run.. finding numbers was.

It was nice to run with others! I am looking forward to making it a regular thing in September when they start up again.


Thursday 3.8 miles 40:35 minutes 10:28/mile

After taking a rest day on Wednesday that was a planned run I was itching to go out today. I had a large list of jobs to get through and the rain yet again was making it difficult but by 5pm I was desperate to get out.

I managed to persuade the girls to come and off we went. Another easy run, different route that we decided on as we went. Nice for the girls to try a different way. I wish we had somewhere nicer to run. Its a tad boring where we are.


Saturday 8 miles 1:20:23 minutes 9:58/mile

My longest run since I completed the half marathon in May. I took it really easy and planned the route on Strava prior to leaving the house. I went on a route I have never done before to make it a little more exciting.

It was mainly downhill not too many uphills so maybe not very challenging but I think if I go the opposite way next time I can make it a little more difficult.

Lovely to get a long run in at long last. Happy I feel so comfortable with it as I think I will be fine from now on with upping the miles.

Knees feel a little sore now I am home. I really think this is down to my trainers so I plan to buy some new ones with my first pay cheque in September. I can cope with them until then…I will probably be wearing my trail trainers next week which have plenty of life in them so I should be ok with the hills and terrain!


Total Mileage

20.1 miles achieved for the week. Really happy with that. I expect next week will be more walking miles than running miles.

Week 6 training in the Lake district

I am aiming to do 2 days on, rest and 2 days on again with a lot of walking thrown in there.

I need to try and incorporate…

Interval run – 15 minutes warm up and then 1km Steady with 1.5 minutes easy run, repeated for 4 reps… each rep getting slightly faster for the steady run and then a 15 minute cool down.

Steady run – 4.5 miles

Easy run with strength training – 15 minutes warm up with 3 mile run and strength exercises.

Long run – I then need to run a long run… I have 10 miles on my training plan but the following week would be a easier week of 6 miles so as long as I get 6 miles in I will switch the 10 miles to next weeks schedule.


Nutrition, stretching and Training plans

So nutrition for this week has been eat what we can. Its a make do week where I will not buy anything until we have eaten up all the food that needs using before our holiday.

I’ve been quite creative and apart from needing to buy bread, milk and eggs we have managed to make some pretty tasty dinners. You just need a little imagination and some inspiration… Check out my instagram page for ideas on how we do it!

I have been getting weekly emails with tips to help me in my training and race day. This week it discussed caffeine…. I started drinking far more tea than I used to when I stopped working. Over the last year I’d say I have gone from drinking one cup to at least 6 at a guess. Some days it could even be more! I know its bad and I notice when I have gone a long time with out any but it fights the boredom and wanting to eat! Catch 22 really.

Their advice is to reduce it to 2-3 cups a day as it can influence the adrenaline levels and have an effect on your running performance.

However caffeine can also boost stamina and free up fat stores to be used for energy during exercise so a cuppa before a run may help to boost performance. I’m quite sure the quantities are more than is in a cup of tea but for now I will not feel guilty about my pre run cuppa.

Stretching… I am so bad for this so I plan to get better at using my foam roller. Last week my muscles were so tight after I had done a strength work out and using my roller helped. I just need to do it more and for longer!!!

I wish I could stick to a plan and see it through! I am a nightmare when it comes to changing training plans but if something isn’t working and meeting your needs sometimes you just gotta!

Although my original training plan actually was fine I discovered the Royal Parks Half marathon had a even better training schedule that I think will help me more with my current goal to work on speed!

Its tricky following any kind of plan when you have a school holiday to fit around but I am not letting it be my excuse this time. I just need to be a little bit more savvy at planning to meet my targets!

Focus for the week…

I really hope being away will not have an impact on my training. I’m kind of looking forward to enjoying the beautiful Lake district and getting out exploring. But I do need to be mindful that I will also be walking lots and need to fit in and around the family things to do.

My focus will be to just get 3 runs done and dusted with out an excuse. I can do the last one when we are home. I am really enjoying running at the moment so it doesn’t need to feel like a chore when I do.

I want to enjoy myself but have planned a few ideas for food around the campfire but we will likely eat out as well and I will enjoy it and not feel guilty if I have a few treats.

I have some running books to read while we are away so hopefully I can pick up a few more tips from the running gurus who have written them!

I will vlog throughout the week and share any holiday training tips I learn along the way.

So there you have it week 5 done and not so short and sweet after all… I can talk shit forever if you need me to!

Have a good week everyone and I’ll return with hopefully some much more interesting tales to tell about the runs I have done in the Lake district.

Jaimee x


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