Planning for a healthier Summer!

Summer is almost upon us and for the first time since my kids started school I will be having the whole of the summer holidays off with them. No school holiday clubs/work for the 3 of us and I am literally so excited and beaming with as much excitement as they are.


I do see myself as extremely lucky to be having this time to spend with them. The only thing that would make this better is if Chris could be home with us too. He has 2 weeks off either end of the holidays so we will get some quality family time together.

The downside to becoming a full time mum is the lack of income I have to actually help keep us busy through the holidays and therefore I have been thinking up as many free ideas as I can to keep them occupied and keep us on our healthier lifestyle we have been on for the last year!


Training for my race…

I still need to get my training for my half marathon in as well so its set to be a busy 6 weeks. I’m hoping the girls will become my motivator. I have written many blogs about training with the kids and I am hoping that it will not effect it too much and I can still get it in. Otherwise it will be late night runs for me.


Camping holidays…

We have a camping trip to the Lake District planned at the beginning of the holidays which will have lots of walking and campfire cooking. I plan to sit and write a list of fun things we can try. Pinterest is my best friend at the moment!

We then have a second camping trip planned not long after we get back with my sister and her kiddies and Nanny Wheeler so even more campfire food.


We love camping. Its a really cheap way to holiday with it usually only costing £20-£30 a night for us all to pitch up….but its dangerous territory to walk into when it comes to food! Or any holiday for that matter! We take the excuse of a holiday to overindulge on so much food and it really doesn’t need to be like that but it usually is for most of us.

I plan to be a little bit better prepared because it doesn’t need to be like that. We can have a treat or 2 a day with out pigging out!

Campfire ideas…

  • Popcorn popped on the campfire
  • Baked camembert (ok a little bit naughty but good to share)
  • Foil wrapped bbq chicken and veggies or fish… or what ever choice of meat you like!
  • Kebabs (I am going to make halloumi and veggie ones)
  • Campfire pizza …..insert link
  • Omeletes made in a sandwich bag… tried this but we just had egg. It was delicious. Will try adding some fillings this time
  • Sides options to go with your bbq meat like corn on the cob or mushrooms stuffed with goats cheese.
  • Stuffed chicken breasts.


The list goes on. My sister in law knocks up a very yummy paella which she made on our last camping trip together! Check it out here… A glorious camping weekend in Dunwich! First of the year…


Day trips…

They can be very expensive can’t they? We are making savings by using good old tesco vouchers for a day trip to Warwick castle and sea life centre but they can still be expensive days out if you do not go prepared!

My top tip is to take your own food and drink and have a picnic. Do not fill your picnic basket with more food than you are likely to eat at home either. Not only will this cost you more you will be left carrying the rest for the remainder of the day or the kids will take one bite and move on to something else! For them days out are not about the food so save your pennies for an ice-cream!


Days out at the beach…

I grew up with trips to the seaside being a regular thing as my grandad lived with a beach on his front door step. I have lots of fond memories growing up visiting in the summer during our holidays. We often went to english beach holidays and stayed in a caravan and I can honestly say they were some of the best holidays I’ve had. I love to be beside the sea.

Its another great opportunity to take your own picnic and let the kids play to their hearts content. A trip to the beach can cost very little if you can avoid the amusements and rides that they often have. We like to pick more traditional beaches and make our own fun. We are keen to try crabbing so will likely head to Cromer this summer for a lovely family day out with our picnic.



Local days out…

If you know where to look check out whats happening in your area or local parks where you can enjoy a bike ride and run around. Since we started walking together more as a family we have discovered places in our own hometown we never knew was there so get out and explore. There are lots of free activities you can print out online to help your little explorers get up close with nature!


At home…

There are plenty of things you can be doing at home. We plan to spend time in our mini allotment, looking after all the things we have growing and experiment growing some more.


Its a great opportunity for me to get them involved in the kitchen and hopefully between us we can come up with some yummy recipes to share with you all.

The kitchen will probably become a popular hang out as we experiment with food in the kitchen and I get them more involved in what they are eating.

Our real holiday will be when my mum says I do as we all set off for a 3 night stay in a Manor House in Norfolk. This will be our indulgent weekend as we will be getting fed posh BBQ’s, fish and chips and a posh dinner as part of our stay!

If we are making better choices the rest of the holidays this weekend will be enjoyed guilt free!

Jaimee x

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