Royal Parks Half Marathon training: Week 2 recap!

After finishing Week 1 feeling a little under the weather I went into week 2 a little apprehensive about how I was going to get my training done as my loss of voice developed into a sore throat and a irritating cough ending the week with a mouth full of ulcers! I decided to not let it affect my training as I am determined to stay motivated until race day. You can watch my vlog or read on if you prefer…

I managed to get in all 4 races although they were not all as far as planned but I will cover that in a mo…


I didn’t get any strength training done and I did not go to my circuits class. I decided not to push my luck while feeling poorly and focus on getting the running done. This gave me a chance to explore some complimentary strength training that will complement my running.

I came across a article on for a training plan that I am going to try alongside my running. I will adapt it to suit me and my time for getting it in.

I have searched for the plan on my Bodyspace app and hopefully it will compliment my running. I plan to incorporate it into this weeks training to see how I go. The workouts consists of….

  • Postural exercises
  • Stabilisation
  • Strength
  • Power

I will schedule them alongside my runs and have a day solely for strength and power!

Recap of week 2’s runs…

Tuesday 3.1 miles 31:53 minutes 9:59/mile

The first run of the week. I still wasn’t feeling 100% but it felt ok. I was hoping to sweat out a few of the bugs and feel better but that wasn’t to be. It was very hot and I had not made the best of choices with my running clothes as I had opted for trousers and running vest. Happy with my time although again my training plan said I should have been setting a slower pace.

Thursday 4.7 miles 47:37 minutes 10:07/mile

What a run this turned out to be. Another hot and sticky one but this time I had left prepared in shorts. I will not be making the mistake of wearing trousers until the summer is over!

About 2-3miles into the run I decided to brave the crop top. The fear of seeing anyone I knew or anyone at all was very slim due to most people being at work and school so I thought what the hell!! Your hot and there is no one about.. what have you got to lose apart from continuing to feel too hot! So I went for it. Its amazing what it does for your posture and stomach muscles as suddenly baring your mum tum makes you stand tall and hold in those muscles.

I still have a mum tum and some excess wobbly bits I’d love to lose but I finally feel content that what I have left is really not so bad. Its carried 2 beautiful big babies. Its bound to be a little wobbly and believe me when I run it is but I decided comfort was far more appealing than worrying I might freak a few people out!


Saturday 3.1 miles (Park run) 38 minutes 12ish/mile

Park run day with Ellie! We set out hoping we could get a PB of 35 minutes so that we could be on a level with Niamh. Unfortunately the heat was too much for Ellie. She gave it her best shot but we just couldn’t keep up the pace. It was the first week our park run had introduced pacers and we had identified who we wanted to follow but we just never made it through the crowds.

We have all of the summer to achieve it and will make it our challenge for the summer break.


Sunday 4 miles (7.5 miles planned) 40:43 minutes 9:56/mile

Sunday morning started off taking the kids along to their first junior park run. They get the opportunity to run on their own and its encouraged that grown ups let them run their own race. The run is 2km (just over a mile). They really enjoyed it and have set their run time to improve on… Niamh 13:36 and Ellie 14:49.

We then decided to make an unplanned trip to the seaside meaning my run would just have to wait…or not happen as the case would usually be. But after a long day and drive home I decided I would put my trainers on and get out for a run of some kind even if it wasn’t the full 7.5miles planned.

It was still very warm despite being 8pm and still feeling over full from the seaside chips and ice-cream I wasn’t able to manage more than 4 miles. Damage limitation though it hopefully helped to burn off some of the extra calories consumed.


Total mileage

15.1 miles a slight increase on last week!

Week 3 training schedule:

I am hoping for a week of feeling better although as I type this my mouth still has a few ulcers and my voice continues to be a little croaky so will enjoy my rest day and drink plenty of fluids and hope that I wake up Tuesday feeling my normal self.

I have scheduled my runs as close to myasics training plan has planned them, but I am hoping to take part in a 10k race on Sunday with the hubby so its a shorter distance but a faster pace than scheduled.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 miles followed by Postural exercises

Wednesday: 5 miles fast followed by stabilisation exercises

Thursday: Strength and Power

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Park run

Sunday: 10k St Ives race


See you next week for another recap and hints and tips I may have picked up along the way!

Jaimee x



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