Royal Parks Half Marathon training: Week 1 recap!

Well my training hasn’t gone off to the best of starts. The week started with a run on Monday which I blogged about in last weeks Royal Parks Half marathon training: Week 1 Day 1! I then planned my second training run for the Wednesday. I then did a strength workout Thursday, rest day Friday and Park run Saturday. I did not complete my Sunday run… I have summarised my week here in a Vlog or you can read below for a less croaky more detailed account of the week!


Wednesday 5 miles 50:48 minutes 10:06/mile

I woke up on Wednesday morning really not wanting to get up and run. I had a sore throat and no desire to run, but the motivation of having this blog and knowing it was only my second run since I committed to starting this diary I got up and got it done… well once I dropped the girls off at school anyway.

I am pleased I did as I actually felt better once I started running. My legs felt heavy while I was running but they usually do when I first get into training.

I hadn’t planned my route before hand so I was mentally planning it as I went along. After years of running similar routes you can start to gage distances from place X to place Y without much planning. I tend to run the same routes for distances I am used to and then when I have a longer route planned I try to map it out before hand.

I was supposed to be running at a 11:45 pace but as you can see I was a bit quicker… 10min/miles is a comfortable pace for me now if I run alone. I’m sure if I was chatting or with my girls a much slower pace would be more natural for me.

Thursday Strength Training

I did a strength training session at home on Thursday focusing on my legs. I find my workouts from a variety of places but the one I am using at the moment is the app, but they tend to be aimed at those wanting to strength build solely rather than compliment running training plans so this is still something I am searching for… if anyone can recommend anything please comment below.


Saturday Park run 3.1miles 36:32 minutes 11:47/mile

We decided the night before the Park run that we would like to try and get a PB.. for Ellie anyway. We set it based on Niamh’s current PB of just over 35minutes. So this was our target. We set our smaller targets of reaching each KM sign in 7 minutes. This was working great until we realised my watch had been auto pausing the run each time we stopped or walked… meaning we thought we were on for a time much quicker than 35minutes until we reached the end.

However Ellie still managed to get herself a PB and this has just given us an incentive for next time!


Sunday 5miles Cancelled!

I planned to run 5 miles on the Sunday with the girls on their bikes but my throat had taken a turn for the worse on Saturday night and I had lost my voice and developed a really irritating cough. I decided I should not run and I would either tag it on to next weeks runs or just skip it and restart a fresh week.

Monday morning came and my throat is no better so I am going to stick to my running schedule as it had been planned for me!

Total mileage

11 miles (watch this grow…)

Week 2 running schedule

  • Monday is a rest day
  • Tuesday 3 miles and Strength Training
  • Wednesday Circuits
  • Thursday 5 miles
  • Friday is a rest day
  • Saturday Park run (my training plan is 5 miles)
  • Sunday 7.5 miles

Setting goals… PB’s

After seeing a friends idea to write down her personal bests for her runs on a board I decided to do the same so that I can plan my races around my PB’s.


My fastest 5k run is my park run PB. I have only ever ran this once on my own as I usually go with the girls but I’m sure it won’t be long before they are beating this time anyway. We have all summer to practice.

My 10k is from a race I did a couple of years ago. I don’t tend to enter any 10k races now but I would like to find one for this summer as part of my training… just need to find one!

My half marathon PB is from when I ran St Neots half marathon…the one I nearly didn’t do and got myself a new PB! I am aiming to improve on this when I run it again in November but this is my target time for My next challenge..Royal Parks Half marathon.

So there it is. A rough start to my first training week!

Jaimee x


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