Royal Parks Half marathon training: Week 1 Day 1!

Well I have decided to brave starting a Vlog about all my ups and downs, plans and apps I use while training for a run.

I am hoping it will motivate me to keep up with the training and also a way of me reflecting on my training in the future. Maybe it can give any of you newer runners a few hints and tips along the way.

Read on if you prefer to read about it than listen to me. I will include below what is included in my Vlog! The low down…

I am running the Royal Parks Half marathon on the 8th October which is now 15 weeks away.

The race route takes you through Hyde park, through Kensington Gardens, St James park and The Green park and finishes at Hyde Park. Passing my some famous landmarks along the way…


I am running for Target Ovarian cancer in memory of my mother in law. I’d love it if anyone could spare a little to Sponsor me.

My target time is under 2hrs if I can but I’d just like to finish and enjoy it as I am not likely to ever run it again. My PB is 1hr 57 minutes St Neots half marathon…the one I nearly didn’t do and got myself a new PB.

For my training plan I am using an app called My Asics run and this creates a training plan based on your current time and your target time and lastly how long you have until the race.

I use Strava to record my runs with and am part of groups on there to help motivate me a bit like I imagine a fitbit does.

I use this brilliant app called relive that uses your run tracked on strata to create an aerial view of your run which allows you to see just how far you have traveled. Its such a good app and helps motivate you when you can see it mapped out the way it does.


Today I completed Training run 1 which I found tough as I woke up feeling a bit nauseous and had a dull ache in my arms.. however I knew I needed to get the run done. I had been making enough excuses not to and wanted to start this week well.

I will run 5 miles on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be rest days and then 3 miles Saturday (Park run) and 5 miles on Sunday.

I may have to sacrifice a few runs on Sundays for walks as we are going to the Lake district in August and would like to climb Scafell Pike if we can manage it and will be doing lots of walking while we are there.

I will see how it goes but as long as I get out for at least 3 runs plus a walk and 2 strength/circuits sessions I think I will still have a good race and I will still have 9 weeks after our holiday to get some serious training done.

We will see…

If you would like to see my vlogs as they go live please subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Jaimee x


4 thoughts on “Royal Parks Half marathon training: Week 1 Day 1!

  1. wigglewhenyouwalk says:

    Good Luck. I started training yesterday for the Shine Walk Marathon in London in 12 weeks. Feeling a little scared as I have never done anything like this before πŸ™ˆ

    Liked by 1 person

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