Healthy treats with the kids: Fruity bites

So on Sunday after we had been on what has become a regular run/bike ride we were all very hot and wanting in ice cream. We didn’t have any so we decided to give these fruity bites a go.

So simple to make and delicious with out all the added sugar. The girls were able to do them with out very little help… accept peeling the mango.

To make these delicious fruity bites you will need:

  • Low fat Yogurt or greek yogurt
  • A mix of chopped fruit… the brighter the better
  • Some cupcake cases and muffin tray

Start by lining the muffin tray with your cupcake cases.

Then put a dollop of your yogurt into each case…


Prepare and chop all your fruit…


Place your fruit into the cases and slightly press the fruit in to the yogurt…


Pop your trays into the freezer for 2-3hrs or until completely frozen…


Remove from the freezer and enjoy…


Perfect healthy alternative to an ice cream. We are going to try out some others over the summer to keep our freezer stocked with delicious snacks to enjoy on a hot summers day!

Jaimee x

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