Grow your own…

Back in April me and the girls wanted to give vegetable growing a try. We gave their dad the task of building us  a trough and we planted our own herbs into some pots we up cycled from existing pots we found around the garden.


The trough turned out brilliantly and I am so impressed Chris managed to build something quite as good as he did.


We picked some things we could grow directly into the trough as we were short on time before the growing season was over.

We picked beetroot, radishes, rainbow carrots and some salad leaves which we have put into a smaller planter.


I would have liked to grow potatoes but we have missed the boat on planting these now for this year.

The girls really enjoyed sowing their seeds and preparing the soil for growing.


We are really looking forward to seeing what the end results are and next year we will be prepared to start sooner and try growing some more vegetables.

Our seeds have started to pop up already…


I have previously grown other things like tomatoes and cucumbers and now that our garden is a little bit better prepared I will give these another try and I will get the potatoes going in the new year.

I have one more planter that I can use to grow something in so we are deciding as a family what this is going to be. It may have to go to a vote!!!

We have our first strawberry from our strawberry plant…


It has turned red already but I’m hoping another one will catch up so that the girls can have one each.

It has been fun experimenting with the girls and trying to learn together how things are grown. Our challenges are the pesky slugs and snails who have already eaten our sunflowers and are munching their way through our herbs now.

We also have cherries appearing on our cherry tree and its a race to get them before the birds have them for their supper!!

I hope we can share with you some better success from our vegetable trough soon.

Jaimee x

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