More camping fun at Top End Farm

We had our second camping trip of the year  to end the busy half term with a mini break.


We opted to just visit a campsite a few miles up the road so that we could just pack the car up on the day and set up without fear of forgetting anything and with out all the travel.

I hadn’t fully thought about how tired we would all be after my sisters wedding…


As soon as we had the tent up (in the rain) the girls were straight into their beds for a kip… where they spent the remainder of that first day. They clearly needed the sleep.

We missed the stone baked pizza man who used to come to the campsite. We had been looking forward to treating ourselves to one and instead resorted to eating a pot noodle and a locally made “giant” scotch egg. If you ever go to Top end farm and do not try one of these you are seriously missing out.


This campsite is one of our favourites because not only is it only up the road that kids absolutely love it here. We always pitch up near the play area and the girls spend the whole weekend playing and making friends.


When you are sat out doors in the fresh air there is nothing better than going for a stroll around the campsite so the following morning after a mammoth sleep and a ridiculous amount of food off we went… We usually go to see the horses when we stay here but they were not in their usual field this time.


After our walk we all enjoyed the sunshine. Especially Cookie who loves to sunbath in the warmth. Its the only time he likes to be outside..,


We had a visit from Nanny Wheeler and Chris and they joined us in a BBQ. Lucky for me as they came with steak! A far better choice than the sausages Chris had gone out to buy!


I turned my steak into a delicious steak salad wrap…


As the sun went down we fired up the campfire to keep us lovely and warm..


and enjoyed a toasted marshmallow…


while watching the sun set…


Another fun camping weekend over. We were so lucky to have such lovely weather and it always leaves us feeling nostalgic.


Booked and planning the next big camping trip to the Lake district.. unless we squeeze in another before.

Jaimee x

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