My little sister got hitched!

Hey everyone. I am back after my short break. What a busy few weeks it was too. How could I have a blog and not include my sisters beautiful wedding in it? I know this blog is all about our healthy lifestyle journey but trust me the wedding of the year has a place here.


The big day was last week on the 1st June. It was literally the most perfect day from start to finish. The sun was shining all day and my sister looked absolutely beautiful.


The venue was out of this world and so picture perfect but my mum worked so hard to add all the finishing touches to the tables. My sisters ideas finally came to life and added those finishing touches she had hoped for. The cake I had been so worried about making survived the heat and the journey to the venue and the scraps were left be and untouched by me… woo hoo


The entire bridal party looked beautiful and the men were so handsome.


We worked out butts off to look and feel great on the big day. I have documented along the way the kind of things we were getting up to. For me Calorie counting turned out to be the best thing I could have done. I explained in my The wedding countdown… blog my diet and exercise regime and I am proud to say it worked! It was worth the hard work and effort. I felt a million dollars.

We enjoyed a delicious 3 course meal starting with a prawn and cray fish salad, followed by good old sausage and mash and ending with my favourite sticky toffee pudding. With all the food and alcohol on board I actually managed to stay away from the sweet cart.. but unfortunately they followed me home so I have had to hide them away until my sister has decided what to do with them.

We had a game of tug of war girls against boys but us girls were at a disadvantage as we were heavily weighted on little people while the men were all strapping grown men. The girls did well though and gave it their all…

My beautiful daughter and niece took to the floor during the first dance to perform for the bride and groom showing off their talents. They were so graceful. Dance, Dance, Dance… Niamh’s time to shine! 

This isn’t going to be a lengthly blog. The pictures tell the story for themselves. I hope you enjoy them….These are just a snippet of the day, I was far too busy to take pictures. I am really looking forward to seeing the professional ones.


The Bride being beautified


My niece having her make-up done


Just beautiful


The beautiful bride


My beautiful sister and mum


A pretty bow for Ellie


Princess Ellie


The first meal as Husband and Wife



Princess Niamh


Princesses Niamh and Leila


Uh oh!


A moment between Niamh and her Auntie Jo-Jo


Auntie Jo-Jo with princess Izzy


The parents


These 2 know how to party!!

Jaimee x

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