The wedding countdown…

Its just a week until my sisters wedding now and the pressure is on to get everything ready in time including the bride!


In my past life I was a cake decorator alongside my day job and therefore I have the task of creating the wedding cake. Its fair to say it probably contributed to my weight gain too so once I started living a healthier lifestyle and discovered decorating cakes was in fact bad for my mental health I hung up my apron, and it now only comes out on special occasions and for my girls birthdays.

Its always a little daunting as I always worry I might have forgotten how to do it and it has to be the most stressful hobby with all the things that could go wrong right up until after its delivered.

Its a tough time trying to avoid eating the crumbs I cut away or dipping my fingers into the ganache or the temptation to lick out the bowl the cake batter has been in.


WillPower! I feel like its not something I have. It can seem like I do but its just because I do not put myself under the pressure of temptation.

My house is a junk food free zone! If its in the house I will eat it!


The month leading up to the wedding has had its treats. The last week of April we had a busy weekend with Niamh’s dance show and our MK half marathon meaning we were busy and resorting to food choices that I probably wouldn’t have if I had been at home.


The following weekend was my sisters Hen weekend! In a beautiful lodge near Kings Lynn in Norfolk. Its safe to say the weekend revolved around food and drink and pretty much a right off in the world of healthy eating!

The first night was a girls night in with homemade pizza, popcorn, nibbles and ice-cream and of course more importantly endless flowing prosecco and a soak in the hot tub!


The following day with hangovers (I think that was just me) in full swing we all enjoyed a  fry up cooked by my mum because I was too hung over to face it. We then enjoyed glamping some wellies and making flower garlands before setting off for even more food at the local pub!

I’d like to say I made a sensible choice but unfortunately my cloudy head meant I opted for the burger. Karma is a bitch though as the burger roll felt like it was microwaved so I actually couldn’t eat it! I did enjoy the mountain of chips though…


The evening was spent enjoying cocktails and nibbles with even more games and hot tub fun!

The final day started with yet another fry up and a stroll around the lake.

We returned to the lodge for some afternoon tea before setting off for home with bellies full and the sugar overload and late nights making us all tired and ready to climb into our beds!


The final weeks..

Barely a week goes by where I am not active and my diet 90% of the time is pretty good so stepping it up a notch in the final weeks hasn’t been too bad. Having a focus certainly helps your will power.

I spent the week after my MK half marathon pretty much doing zero exercise. I just felt so exhausted and was so busy planning that I think it probably did me the world of good.

So the Monday after the Hen do I made the decision to work off all of the weekends indulgences and set about Calorie counting to really help me keep on track and this included scheduling in as many workouts as I could cope with.

In some ways calorie counting has made me almost relax a bit about what I’m eating as if its accounted for and with in my allowance then why not eat it. Obviously days where I have gone to bed feeling full and satisfied are days where I have eaten plenty of healthy foods. The big reason we put on weight eating fast food and chocolate is because we eat these on top of our allowance which over the days, weeks and months accumulate and well you know the rest.


I exercise for food..

Exercising regularly just means my calorie burn is higher and means I can eat more! Now where is the difficulty in that? I love food. There is not an hour that goes by where I am not thinking about what I’m going to have next or what meals to have for the week.

I love seeing meals all over instagram and getting ideas for more healthy meals.

Food is my passion and exercise means I can enjoy more of it…


Events coming up..

So what special events do you have coming up? Holidays? Maybe a wedding dress you want to look amazing in or even attending a wedding. We all have something we can aim to look our best in.

Don’t put yourself through the pain of a diet revolving around a shake or meal replacement. They all have the same thing in common. They force you into having less calories. Sometimes dangerously low calories but usually not very tasty or enjoyable and if you have a few weeks living like this your just going to resort to the confectionary. Allow yourself plenty of time and you will see the changes!

If your planning a hen do for someone it’s worthwhile remembering that when planning food and drink the bride is likely going to prefer you cater for a diet friendly weekend not a calorific one. Doh! 

Exercise is better with friends..

If you find it difficult to get motivated grab yourself a Workout buddy. Enjoy a hike or a run together. Get out and about with the family. Set a challenge amongst friends.. but most of all make it enjoyable.


A typical week for me..

I usually start my day with a bowl of porridge and then lunch what ever takes my fancy but usually eggs on toast or a salad!

Dinners we usually have…

  • Mondays- Jacket potato with tuna or baked beans and some salad
  • Tuesdays- I volunteer so get back late so its usually eggs on toast or some cereal if I have a big lunch and the kids eat at their after school club.
  • Wednesdays- A spaghetti bol or chilli and I pile mine high with broccoli to stop me filling up on a pile of spaghetti… or an avocado is a pretty delicious replacement with a chilli to rice.
  • Thursday- An omelette with some home made chips and salad! Or some grilled chicken/fish with veggies or salad.
  • Friday- Treat night in our house but I have to say this day has almost been abolished as we usually have something home cooked and healthy but its just usually what ever the kids fancy. Their favourite is homemade pizza.
  • Saturday- Fakeaway night so it could be a curry, fish and chips, burger… literally what ever favourite takeaway you have but homemade and delicious.
  • Sunday- Now the weather is warmer this will likely be a BBQ but we do like our roast dinners.

My snacking always ends up happening at night time so I save enough calories to enjoy a big bowl of fruit with some greek yogurt.


Typically this changes depending on what mood I am in. Sometimes it will be more strength training with a run or 2 but at the moment I am trying to run more. I also have very little rest days scheduled… this is because if I schedule plenty it doesn’t seem so bad if something comes up and I can’t find the time. I have tried to stick with this schedule for the last few weeks though.

If I wake up and the weather is bad I won’t lie I swap my run for something inside!

Monday- Weight training or something strength based

Tuesday- Run

Wednesday- In the morning I run and the evening I have Circuits

Thursday- Rest day if you count the cleaning as rest!

Friday- Run

Saturday- Park run if the kids want to go but if they don’t then its a rest day!

Sunday- Run

So there it is my life in a blog. It could be seen as pretty dull but I LOVE IT!

After the wedding is done I will need to set myself something to focus on because everyone needs a goal. It makes us feel good when we reach them!

I’ll be taking a week or 2 off from blogging as its going to be such a busy time but I’ll be back with all the stories to tell refreshed and ready to set some new goals and a new focus!

Jaimee x

P.s read my blog Should I be Calorie counting? if you want to know how to get started!



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