If I lived on a farm

Firstly can I just say what is up with this weather? We have actually had snow followed by bright sunshine here in Cambridgeshire. Its making getting dressed in the morning fun! And no chance of leaving your coat behind in case it suddenly turns freezing…

Anyway before we had this very strange weather we did have some lovely weather over Easter. It wasn’t the warmest but at least there was no snow… its no secret if you have been followed me over Easter you will know how my passion to live somewhere more rural is a big dream goal of mine.


This isn’t something new or something that has just come about after seeing lots of cute fluffy lambs. I’m not silly I know something cute and fluffy develops into something much bigger and not so cute and fluffy.

I’m also not naive and going to sit here and say it would be easy to have a few farm animals I could keep for my own personal gratification! Yes you heard right just as pets! Why not?


I could never keep these animals only to be eaten further down the line. I know this sounds contradictory as a meat eater but I wouldn’t eat my dog. I’m quite sure farmers like to give their animals a good life too its just ours will become part of the family! I like the idea of teaching the girls how to look after something and teaching them some skills we can learn together.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I could do to make it viable… a small plot big enough to have some chickens, sheep and goats and of course somewhere to grow fruit and veggies.


Very Healthy Caterpillar grow your own garden…

For now while I work on this little empire I want to build I will settle for attempting to grow some things in our very own garden. We have very limited space and 3 very naughty guinea pigs that like to eat everything so we needed to raise our garden pots or at least move it further away from their sight out of reach… they found the pots out of sight and proceeded to eat my herbs!

While we wait for daddy to build us a large raised trough like this…


…We thought we would start by up cycling a few of our existing pots. Some chalk paint and black wood paint was all I needed to turn some old pots into ready to use ones.


We started by planting some small ready to plant herbs to make ourselves a mini herb garden. I used a cheap plastic pot I had in my shed and painted it with chalk paint. I also painted some lolly pop sticks so that we could write on them and know which was which.

TIP Use white pencil not chalk to avoid it washing off in the rain!


A great way to teach the girls about different herbs too….


A very popular fruit in our house is of course a strawberry… and as soon as I spotted this pot in the garden centre I knew I had to have it for the strawberry plants we were going to plant… We have a few buds appearing already so fingers crossed for some delicious strawberries soon.


And no garden is complete with out a few flowers…

I think the girls did a fab job of making these look pretty don’t you?

We thought it would be fun to have a sunflower growing competition so the girls have planted their seeds to see who can grow the tallest one… I’d just feel accomplished if they grow at all…


We wanted to have a go at growing some things from seed but it needed to be something that could be grown in a trough or deep pot… so we up cycled these with a lick of black paint while we wait for the real thing to be built….


Upcycled planters!


Trough in progress…

…and in these we plan to plant some beetroot, carrots, salad leaves and radish seeds as soon as we get a spare minute to do so after a busy end to April and start to May!

Our fairy garden has a few new additions too…


I had wanted to carve windows and doors into this tree stump for our bird bath we have created but I quite like it as it is…


We will see but I love that we have a rustic looking guinea pig haven/fairy garden instead of a load of eaten plants that were here before!

Keep following to see our progress on our veggie garden…hopefully we will have a spare weekend soon to get it started!

Jaimee x

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