Dance, Dance, Dance… Niamh’s time to shine!

Stars in the making…

I have one little super star in the making.. she has a real natural talent for dancing! Unlike her mother. I never wanted to do anything like this when I was younger but Niamh has danced since she was 3… actually even younger than that as she did a few baby ballet classes before she had even turned 2!

Every 2 years her ballet school Footsteps Dance academy put on a spectacular show. We look forward to it so much and feel sad when it is all over for another 2 years.

It is always a manic weekend of dress rehearsals and 2 performances put on at Hinchingbrooke performing arts centre.


Changing room dramas…

Despite it being so manic we really do enjoy it. Even the chaos of the changing rooms can be fun in between costume changes.

Its not all fglamour behind the scenes though.. it gets so hot behind there with lots of noise and we are all crammed in like sardines in a can. The girls take this though as part of show business and get on with what they need to do to make it seamless once they get on stage.

Some of the costumes cause us mums some stress to get on.. especially if its a quick turn around and not your child you are getting showbiz ready. This year I had to battle with a dinosaur who left the changing room blinded by her hood but she went out there and performed her dance without being able to see where she was going.. Silly Auntie Mimi!


Even the little ones who get tired and fed up with the waiting go out on stage and perform the best that they can.

Blossoming friendships…

Some of the girls in Niamh’s ballet class have danced together since they were 3. Watching them blossom from “baby class” up to grade 1 is enough to make any mum proud. I literally burst with pride watching them dance. Even us mum’s use these events as an excuse to socialise and have become great friends…

My niece is part of the same class as Niamh and my younger niece is in another class so its a real family affair when its showtime…






One big dance family…



They put on an amazing show and danced their little socks off. We had a few tears and upsets after a few of the dances because as they are getting older they are becoming more critical of themselves and any mistakes they make. Before it never really mattered and it was amazing if they actually remembered all of the dances but the pressure to not mess up is harder as they get older…. especially if everyone then follows!


Thats a wrap…

When the curtains go down and it is all over it takes some time to recover from it all. We were left exhausted and emotional from it all… and a little unwell in the case of Niamh who battled through a headache and feeling sick on her last show until she got home. This just showed me how much it meant to her and all her dancing family as they were exhausted by the second show but they would not have wanted to let each other down.

I however decided to run a half marathon exhausted and mentally not prepared but that is another story…

The real stars of the weekend…

I am so proud of them all. They show real passion in their dancing and really put all their heart and sole into it. Watching the older students dance just excites me with what is to come.

Its now onto a year of dance exams and then before we know it the next show will be here and they will be preparing for the next one.

My little dancing princesses…(my very healthy caterpillars)

And their tired dance mums…

Until next time…

Its back to normality for a while now of weekly dance lessons Park runsTraining for a half marathon, and hard work for Niamh preparing for exams. I hope I am doing this for years to come. I love being a dance mum!

Jaimee x

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