Training for a half marathon…with kids

My next race is fast approaching and it is one of my favourites. This will be the 3rd year I have taken part in the MK half marathon and its always a sell out!

What I love about this race is that the finish line is in the MK dons stadium. Its something else it really is when you get to finish a race feeling like a true athlete.


I still see myself as a novice runner. Mainly because I’m a fair weather runner and seem to do most of my training through the warmer months and once my final race is out the way in November that is me done until the February/March the next year. This hinders me in that I am never really working on becoming quicker just fit enough to take part.

I never really follow a training plan to the letter… I don’t enjoy interval and fartlek training like most serious runners probably do.

Every year I say thats it never again and then something comes over me and I have my race booked. It is pretty addictive I have to say. I do not really like training for a race as I find I miss my weight training when I am trying to squeeze in more miles for training but I love the buzz of a race.

Suddenly you go from not really caring if you get a PB you just want to finish and not die to thinking are you crazy of course you want a PB…. I’ll say it again this race for me isn’t about getting a PB I just want to enjoy it.


My husband is doing it with me (its his first) and I really wanted to be able to run it with him. I said I would stick with him and I am not worried about beating my time but we have been training together and it seems I do not help him one bit… I am too quick and talk too much! So I will start the run with him and see what happens. I think he will surprise himself. I can’t see him wanting me to be quicker than his time.. watch this space!

As we have both needed to train it made finding time that bit harder to fit family time in too. Our saving grace was when Ellie got a new bike for her birthday that meant she could go on a decent bike ride… by decent I mean 8miles to start her off.

I prepped both the girls but in all seriousness 8miles to a 7 and 8 year old is a long way and no amount of prepping would have made them realise what they were going to be doing. But it did mean they knew once we started there was only one way we would finish and that is to keep on going.

They have actually walked the route we took so we were a little hopeful they would actually find it a lot easier on their bikes. And they did. A little push up a few hills and walk up some of the steeper ones and we made it round in good time.

We have since done a 9 mile run/ride and then our final training run was on Sunday where we opted to bike and explore the local parkrun as it is familiar to them. They managed 5 miles and while they loaded up the car I did another 1 on my own.

All through the holidays where I would normally not get any running done the girls were coming with me on their bikes.

What about after the race?

I sat with them all after our run on Sunday and said how proud I was of them all and how much I have enjoyed our training together… I asked them if this would be it.. if after we have done this race will they not want to come with me anymore… They were all quick to respond with of course we will. They have enjoyed it too (most of the time).

After watching the London marathon and feeling some pride for runners I have followed on Instagram getting over that finish line it has inspired me and given me that little bit of should I shouldn’t I?

I did enter the ballot for the 2016 race but like thousands others I did not get a place. At the time I remember breathing a sigh of relief. I always get asked if I would ever do a marathon and I always answer with a quick sharp NO! But actually I would love to do one. Could I do the training for it though? This is my area of weakness after all. I think mentally I could keep myself going on the day but I would need to take the training seriously….

I best get my training buddies up to the challenge!


Bubble rush 2016

We have talked about entering a ultra challenge next year in memory of my mother in law and it is something I would love to do with my hubby… once the dates are released I think this is likely to be my challenge for 2018… the marathon can wait a year!

As its likely I will never get a ballot place for London this may just always be a dream to compete unless I entered the Brighton marathon…

Who knows..

Jaimee x



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