The Eggcitement of Easter…

Well what a busy weekend that turned out to be. I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend if you were lucky enough to have one. It wasn’t so many years a go where I would have had work squeezed in around making it enjoyable for the kids. It can be an emotional rollercoaster being a working mum at best and being a working mum with unsociable hours just sucks!!!


So I made sure I enjoyed this Easter break with the girls and made up for all the years we have missed out on. We didn’t need to go on expensive days out or spend a lot of money we just found things to do together. They were even happy to get involved with the chores and gardening.


They certainly earn’t their chocolate treats!

Friday and Saturday was all hands on deck to do a bit of spring cleaning to the garden. We all helped to paint the shed that was long over due some TLC and the garden furniture had a bit of a facelift.

We decided to turn a flower bed that our beloved guinea pigs had decided to use as food into their very own sanctuary and moved our fairy garden to make it look pretty. Its amazing what you can do with things you already have!

We are going to buy a couple of high raised troughs and have a go at growing some herbs and maybe some other edible things that do not need much space… I am no gardener so any advice is greatly received. In the past I have tried to grow my own veggies but they always get eaten by giant killer slugs!!


On Sunday the Easter bunny of course came and set up a fun easter egg hunt inside and outside of the house. He did really well not to bring too many chocolates and instead came with a very cute hatching chick which the girls were so excited with.

We had planned a long bike ride/run followed with a posh picnic but we decided to take our picnic to a farm somewhere much more fun because Daddy wasn’t able to come with us when we went a week a go and better still the farm allowed dogs which meant Cookie could come too.


It was such a lovely farm near Peterborough called Sacrewell Farm… full of new born lambs out with their mums in the paddocks and chicks just hatching amongst other animals including some Piglets and Alpacas.


The animals all took a special liking to Cookie. I mean he could very easily pass as a lamb couldn’t he? He had a little play with the rabbits, a snog from a piglet, sniffs off a lamb and a few dirty looks from the Alpacas. They were hilarious. I wish I could share the video to show you how they followed Cookie with their eyes around the paddocks!

We were not quite lucky enough to see this little chick finish hatching but we did get a little peak of its beak popping out to say hello.

We went on a tractor ride that went round the entire farm letting us see all of the bits we would otherwise have not seen. The farm had a stunning watermill which was where we found the Easter bunny.


We enjoyed our picnic but the weather wasn’t brilliant. Of course it decided to rain as we sat down to eat but it was not enough to bother us. I had roasted a chicken the day before especially and we had it with some lovely crispy bacon, potato salad, coleslaw, roasted veg cous cous, salad, some of our unicorn Easter eggs followed by some lovely juicy mango and strawberries. Picnics really can be delicious and healthy at the same time. The kids did get to enjoy some of their chocolate… I’m not a total meany and they took part in a Easter egg hunt and the prize of course was a chocolate Easter bunny.

I fell in love with the lambs and Niamh has fallen in love with the chicks. One day we have decided we want to live somewhere with some land or a large garden and have some pet sheep and chickens and I may even get a goat too…Apparently they make very good pets and are very handy at cutting your grass! They had some beautiful Jacob sheep which had beautiful black and white wool coats with little horns. I have never seen this breed of sheep before. I’d love to learn a little more about breeds and do a little research as I really will own a few sheep one day! Watch this space…


We all left with dreams of our future…teaching the girls to dream big and I’ll prove to them anything is possible if you want it bad enough… well heres hoping! Eek!

On the last day of the holidays we went on our postponed bike ride/walk taking another picnic with us to enjoy at the end. We covered almost 10miles (9.8miles to be exact) of Grafham waters. Apart from Ellie falling into a bush of stinging nettles we made it around in one piece. I’m not so sure Chris found it as easy as last time so lets hope he makes it around his first half marathon in a couple of weeks…


We were all very much in need of some food once we had finished and enjoyed some bacon sandwiches with left over roast chicken and salad and some juicy melon. The girls enjoyed a little more of their chocolate from the Easter bunny. We were attacked by a storm of flies. I have never seen anything like it. They were everywhere so we quickly packed up and went home to enjoy a relaxed afternoon doing nothing…

I hope you all had as much fun as us. Feel free to share any stories with me in the comments below.

And just because I am kind and they are too cute not to share here they are again ickle tales and little legs…


Jaimee x


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