Easter fun…

Keeping the kids entertained during the holidays is always hard to do with out making yourself bankrupt. Like this trip we made to the farm… A lovely day but not cheap!


I went on a quest to find some things we could do together in the kitchen but with out being really unhealthy. Its all too easy just to bake some cakes after all its what I used to do. We have been on lots of bike rides…

We made some unicorn popcorn which was a little treat as we did of course need a few mini eggs, melted chocolate and sprinkles… I mean what unicorn wouldn’t eat their popcorn like this?

We tried den building which kept them busy for a short time…


So we decided to give easter egg making a go. Simply dying some hard boiled eggs using food colouring. There are some natural ways you can do this like beetroot to make pink and turmeric to make yellow but we wanted bright unicorn colours…

Its so simple any one can do this. All you will need is some hard boiled eggs cooled. I left ours in the fridge over night.

Then mix a drop of food colouring into a bowl with some water.

To get an all over coloured egg you simply peel the egg and drop into the water.

To make the cracked egg effect you need to crack and role the egg onto a hard surface to give it lots of cracks then drop this into the food coloured water.


Leave them in the water for about half an hour to an hour.

Remove and dab dry and remove the shells from the cracked eggs.


We put our cracked eggs back into the water once peeled to wash off any shell and it also made a pale all over colour but with the cracks darker.


The girls really enjoyed doing it. After we turned our eggs into egg sandwiches.

We didn’t stop there as we enjoyed making them so much we made even brighter ones. I would definitely say the best ones were the fully peeled ones wouldn’t you?

Delicious and fit for a unicorn. We have even more fun planned for easter weekend… Hot cross buns, easter egg hunts and another long bike ride followed with a Easter Sunday picnic…. All this and it hasn’t made me completely bankrupt!

Jaimee x

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