A glorious camping weekend in Dunwich! First of the year…

Woo hoo its official the camping season has started. Camping defiantely is one of my favourite things to do. Its a cheap way of having lots of holidays in some really beautiful places.


Admittedly the initial expense is probably as much as a holiday in itself but it doesn’t need to be. It depends on how much comfort you want. We built our stuff up over a few years and now its official we have more than we can really fit in our car comfortably… We get it in but every time we wonder how on earth we did it last time!


We spent the weekend in a beautiful Suffolk village of Dunwich at Cliff house holiday park. About 8 miles from Southwold by foot. Its set in a National nature reserve and right on the beach. There are some lovely walking routes through the nature reserve, along the beach and although we didn’t do it this time (we will next time) there is one to Southwold.


Our first evening was spent setting up and enjoying a lovely BBQ cooked on our pretty impressive bbq/fire pit…with a little tipple. And of course camping isn’t camping with out a marshmallow or 2!

The girls enjoyed a cuddle around the BBQ to keep warm…open camp fires were not allowed on this site but we could have used our fire pit of we had a fire guard so making do with the BBQ heat is all we could do!

On our first morning I went for a leisurely run with the girls on their bikes and the dog while the hubby was off on a longer faster run. It was so beautiful and we made little stops along the way to admire the scenery. Although the girls were technically not allowed on bikes through some of it, I’m quite sure it applies more to mountain bikers and we were careful not to cause any damage to the reserve…


Once we returned to camp we enjoyed a cooked breakfast… my attempt at an omelette in a bag. Basically whisked up 2 eggs and put into a zip lock sandwich bag then boil until cooked. We decided to just cook the bacon separately because of the faff but this is probably the best we have ever managed to cook eggs on our camping cooker without burning it…


We needed the fuel for our next venture…a slightly longer hike through the nature reserve! A 6ish mile route with a stop at a Pub the Eels Foot Inn!

Along the way I discovered I have a budding photographer in the midst who now wants to enter a competition with some of the photos she took. She does seem to have a natural talent when the camera is in her hands…


The Eels Foot Inn served some really delicious food and of course some delicious beer…I wish I could say I opted for the healthier option with the smoked salmon sandwich but I went with the chips and slaw… bad me!

If you are ever in the area I highly recommend it. I can imagine in the summer when they have the outside bar and stone pizza oven all up and running it can be a popular place to go. It was very busy while we were there. After a lovely afternoon spent in the beer garden in the lovely April sunshine, a little pink from the unexpected weather we trekked back to the camp…

Another feast around the camp was planned for the evening and an opportunity for me to learn a new campsite dish… proving healthy food can be eaten even when you have little access to a kitchen. This dish is to be named “Auntie Mels campsite paella”…

The following day it was time to pack up but we couldn’t leave with out enjoying another lovely walk along the beach into Dunwich to enjoy some coastal fish and chips and let the girls have a play on the beach. On route back to the campsite we took a slightly easier walk back through the woodland… its hard work walking through a shingle beach!

I really do love a camping trip… we come away always planning the next. One day we would love to have a campervan. Not because we dislike the tent but it would be great to be able to move around a little more and spend a little less time setting up. We had a taste of electricity on this short trip which was very much needed as the evenings were a little cold and we had invested in a camping heater which despite its small size actually turned out to be very good and kept us all lovely and toasty.

We of course did enjoy a few too many treats and for the next trip I will experiment a little more with our camp meals but camping really wouldn’t be the same with out a nice hot chocolate and a toasted marshmallow would it? We certainly put the miles in to earning a few of the treats but we did all come away feeling a little over indulged.

Very much looking forward to the next trip hopefully in the summer. We have a busy year ahead of weddings so no holidays booked. It is nice that we have the option just to load the car and set off on a little break when ever we can.

Jaimee x

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