Very Healthy Caterpillar…Getting to know me!

I recently read a book called The Million Dollar Blog by Natasha Courtenay-Smith. My mum had told me I should read it as she had seen her discussing it on telly. I decided to give it a go. I am so pleased I did. The book was so informative and well laid out that I am now following the process to make my blog easy to read, inspirational and informative.


To do this I have had to question the “why” why am I doing this and what is my overall goal. I’m quite sure this will change heaps as the months go by. My blog is now 5 months old and I feel ready to make it work and to set myself some focus!

I thought it would be good to write something to help new and old readers understand me a little better… and to help myself understand ME a little better. So here goes….



How I got into Blogging and Instagram?

It was in April 2016 whilst on holiday in Turkey I had become a little obsessed with Instagram and following all these health and fitness pages which quite frankly probably all started in the same way as me. I was reading a book called The chimp paradox… have you read it? It was ironically given to me during a course I completed through my nursing. A course to help me gain confidence and leadership skills… well it kind of worked in that it did give me the confidence to sign up to a nutrition course but it also gave me the confidence to quit everything I know and start something new… well that along with a few personal life events that I blogged about recently. You can read that here… “Unemployed” Blogging! New chapter! My heartfelt blog to the end of an era… I never set out for it to be a career change just to improve my knowledge for mine and my families health and to help others along the way.

I was so obsessed by nutrition I literally spent all my time thinking about it and how I could be like the people I was following. It was mentally distracting me and helping me with my anxiety and depression.

I set up a blog… healthier, happier Jaimee. This blog did not last very long. I couldn’t really get my head around how it worked and I was on a blogging platform that gave me little control over how it looked. I moved my blog over to WordPress and rebranded myself as Very Healthy Caterpillar (my husband has to take the credit for this).

The rest as they say is history….


Mission statement

I am a family health, nutrition and fitness blogger…

Who believes that a healthy lifestyle is vitally important to be taught from childhood which can be done through role modelling, education and teaching kids that it is enjoyable and fun to be healthy. That having lean and healthy bodies is better than skinny. That loving their bodies and preventing them from having poor relationships with food and body image by nourishing it with wholesome food and developing a good self esteem…giving them the tools and knowledge, all whilst having fun.

For the whole family but especially kids to adopt the lifestyle change, for schools and parents to encourage better education on nutrition and active lifestyles, so they can live healthier lives through to adulthood…



Balance… balance is key to living a healthy lifestyle. Teaching kids a life of balance is the most valuable lesson you can give them.

Education and prevention…promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles by providing education in schools and at home, encouraging them to have a healthy relationship with food, physical activity and emotional well being.

Fun, happiness and passion…it should be fun and full of happy moments and help them to develop a passion for something they enjoy doing.

Inspiration…Inspire and challenge them through your own attitude towards fitness and nutrition. Lead by example, being a good role model. To do this you need to believe in YOURSELF!

Motivation… Encourage and praise their achievements always!

My passions

I am passionate about nutrition and fitness. I could literally bore you senseless but hopefully I won’t. I’d like some of what I say to make an impact and improve lifestyles for families. I do not pretend to know everything but I strive to be pretty knowledgeable and someone relatable. I am just a normal mum! My true passion lays with kids nutrition and fitness although I believe adults go hand in hand with this because we need to be role models and teachers for our younger generation.


What I want to be known for?

Well this is a tough question… right now I’d like to be known for the mum who inspired families into making healthy changes to their lifestyles…who lives and breaths everything I stand for…  To be someone that parents can relate to and discover that if a normal mum like me, with the same struggles and battles as other mums, can do it then you all can!

Tag line…



How I came up with my name…

My husband is the main creator of Very Healthy Caterpillar. Although he originally said “The very healthy caterpillar”. I dropped “The” from the name so that it was not confused with a very famous book “The very hungry caterpillar”.

I instantly loved the name because it summed up in the name everything I wanted from my new venture. For us (my family) “the caterpillars” to live a healthy lifestyle eating nutritious food and living active lifestyles to blossom into beautiful “butterflies”.

Although specific meanings vary from culture to culture, the butterfly is widely viewed as a positive symbol of personal transformation, freedom from previous struggles, renewal and hope.

The idea behind the logo…

The logo was designed by my very clever mum who had previously designed it for me when I had started a cake decorating business… I know right a polar opposite to where I am now but probably plays some part in it because eating all those trimmings and left overs obviously had some negative impact on my health.

Very Healthy Caterpillar2

The “B” turned into a butterfly. The B is for Barker… (my surname in case you didn’t know).
Well of course it almost seemed like this logo was in fact created knowing I would someday need it for something else more appropriate. We now have a cute little caterpillar added to it…


The post you’ll love…

Kids, sugar and healthy eating…are you ready to make some changes?


You can find out more About me and what us caterpillars get up to by following us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

Happy reading

Jaimee x


3 thoughts on “Very Healthy Caterpillar…Getting to know me!

  1. Dan says:

    I have been down a similar path regarding a career change into nutrition and dietetics. The more I learn, the more passionate I become. I wish you the best of luck and will be following with interest.


  2. jlstanding says:

    I have heard of that book and was thinking about giving it a read! It’s great you could take this opportunity to tell us a little more about you in this post. I’m curious why your husband gets credit for the blog name!!


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