Volunteering with BeeZee Bodies

Last week I started volunteering for BeeZee Bodies for their families programme. It was so lovely to see so many families turn up for it as I talk from experience when I say that this is always the first hurdle….getting the kids to want to get involved or even us adults.

When we live in a world surrounded by temptation it can very easily be a slippery slope in to a unhealthy lifestyle. We are far less active than we used to be, blaming our busy lives for our bad habits. It does play a part in it but a few simple changes that can be integrated into our normal lives is all it can take to change this.

To say it must have been a little intimidating for all that attended is probably a fair statement. Even I was a little scared but with a few ice breaker games by the end of the session the kids were coming out of their shells and getting on well. It is obvious it is going to be a fun course. They will get to learn about nutrition in a fun way, have the opportunity to try healthy foods as well as cooking them and they also get to try new sports and play games with coaches. The website gives the impression of a fun kids focused programme that they will enjoy and I can see that already.


Its a shame they do not run this programme all over the country… If you live in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire you are in luck. Go and check out their website and have a look around. They also run courses for adults and new parents.

I am sure most areas have something on offer and my best advice to you is to look on your councils website for details. I know here in Cambridgeshire there are a few groups already started and a few to start after Easter with Everyone Health. I did not find it very easily through Cambridgeshire county council website so here lies their biggest battle.. getting the information out there. I think it should be a lot easier to hear about these things. Every child should be entitled to access to these groups. It could prevent a lot of ill health in the future.

I’m really looking forward to helping make a difference to these families as well as learning a thing or 2 and hopefully one day being able to use the experience to benefit other families especially ones local to me.

What groups are you aware of? What access do your kids have to learning about fitness and nutrition?  I’d love to hear from you… it would be a bit of market research for me too.

Jaimee x

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