Half Marathon Training…with kids in tow!

Back in November I completed a Half Marathon and even got a PB. Read all about it here…St Neots half marathon…the one I nearly didn’t do and got myself a new PB


I was totally unmotivated for it. I had done very little training. Emotionally I was in a bad place. I had very little desire to even do it! Somehow I did but after I decided I would hang up my trainers and spend more time doing the things I enjoyed and running wasn’t one of them! I struggled to run on my own. Too much time for thinking leading me to places I just didn’t want to be. I could cope with the Park runs because I was doing them with the kids and it was for them more than me.


Then the weather started improving… my hubby took up running and each time he came back from a run a little bit of me started to want to join him. When he sent me a text one day saying can we enter a race I leapt at the chance to find one.

I entered us both into the MK half marathon. One I have done several times before. Its only a month a way so no time to delay the training I got straight to it.


Today I took the opportunity of Ellie getting a new bike for her birthday to plan a long run with the hubby. We never get to run together so I was secretly a little excited to finally be sharing something we can do as a family.


They have walked it before but with many pit stops and a fair few more hours to complete it. Doing the whole thing with out stopping on the longest bike ride they have ever done was the challenge which they all accepted with excitement…

My discoveries…. Chris does not like running with people he prefers silence and the sounds of nature… and I am a chatterbox who loves to take the opportunity that he can not avoid listening to me… planning our next holiday, dream house etc etc!!!! I think race day could be interesting. I want to run with him but I’ll have to learn to shut up….

The girls are absolute stars. They loved every second of it…well almost. The flies on the last stretch were a bit annoying. But the hills did not defeat them, the distance did not phase them and the sense of achievement was written all over their faces! They were as proud as punch and I was too!


Best of all I discovered I do love running when I can enjoy it and share it with others. I think its why I love races and Park runs so much. I love the running community and how we all encourage each other. Even when we are spectating or passing. We had so many words of encouragement as we made our way around.

I made a little snapshot video of our run which you can see on our YouTube channel!

What I love about days like this is its more fun and takes the boredom away from exercising alone… And I get to spend quality time with them all. No iPods, tv or computers to distract us!

Group exercise is brilliant for…




More fun!

We should all try it when we can. It doesn’t need to be anything big or scary. Just enjoy the sunshine more when we can. Get out for walks and enjoy nature.

I’m looking forward to doing it again soon and with 2 weeks of school holidays I am hoping there will be lots of opportunities!

Jaimee x

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