The youngest caterpillars birthday! Cake, cake and more cake…

So today the youngest caterpillar turned 7… wow where have the last 7yrs gone.


Like with all birthdays we were surrounded by lots of food and of course cake… I mean a birthday isn’t a birthday with out a cake. I’d like to sit here and tell you all I created an amazing master piece that was sugar free…. err far from it!


I couldn’t bring myself to experiment on a 7yr olds birthday cake. It just didn’t seem fair. So instead she got this….


OMG I hear you all crying.. your mouths have no doubt dropped to the floor. Stop your drooling I know you are.

It was bloody yummy. Why do cakes have to be so nice!!! I wish I hated it. I am currently sat typing this wondering how and where I can hide the rest. I have decided to freeze the rest for our camping trip next week where I can feed it to some more family members….

After consuming more food than we can stomach… why do we do it to ourselves. Our stomachs are constantly kept full I am not sure mine even knows what hungry is….anyway where was I? After consuming all the food and cake we decided to take the birthday girls bike out for a spin around the block.

So 5 kids… I mean 4 kids and one teen, Β 2 dogs and 3 semi grown up adults off we went on our walk. It ended with 4 kids one styling a black eye, one teen and nearly 3 dogs, 1 stressed mum and 2 adults laughing at the happenings of our walk….

So to all those people out there that suggest walking with the kids,Β theirΒ bikes and a dog is a nice relaxing way to burn some calories best not say it to my sister hahaha!

But seriously it was a lovely day today wasn’t it. Finally some lovely sunshine. Hoping for the same tomorrow as we have decided to take the girls on a 10 mile bike ride while we get some training in for our half marathon in May.

Have I actually mentioned this? My gift to my husband for his birthday last week was to enter us both for his first half marathon!!! He is a little bit new to all this but I know completing this race with give him the boost to keep with it. I am loving that I have all of them on board with me with our new healthy lifestyle!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend

Jaimee x

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