The reality of following a recipe!

I dream of one day being good enough to write a recipe book full of family meals that are quick and simple to make, cheap to make, easy to follow and most of all delicious!

I have built up quite a collection of recipe books over the last few months… from professional chefs to fitness experts and to famous people lucky enough to be in a position to likely have it written for them.


I haven’t always bothered following recipe books but when I started this blog I noticed how often we had the same things and how boring our meals really were…my husband would disagree. He has always been my biggest fan but can also be my biggest critic when it comes to my cooking. I can soon tell when he isn’t keen on something.

I have tons of books…some older than me even (my Nana has quite a collection that I have managed to pinch a few of). But I find them all so lengthly and hard to follow with ingredient lists as long as my arm. I want recipes with no more than 10 ingredients, that will take no more than half an hour to make and that do not have ingredients that I have never heard of or can not find in the supermarket.

Confession time… I have always been a big fan of Jamie Oliver. There was a time when I actually picked a recipe from his book once a week to make because quite frankly his food looks mouth watering in the pictures and he makes it look so easy on his programmes. I particularly love watching Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday night show. Probably because I love Jimmy too… which reminds me has anyone been to his farm? I really want to go sometime soon…. anyway where was I? Oh yes his recipes. I have never managed to make anything of his that actually remotely looks the same, let alone tastes as good as I’m sure it probably should. I say never. I’m sure thats not true but recently its definitely been the case.


I made this chicken and chorizo bake this week… I perhaps was a little ambitious as my first mistake was not making a note of how long he said it would take to make (this is never actually reality is it). I did not have long as I needed to get the kids fed and out of the house again. The actual prep was easy enough but the time to cook it was just not long enough. We ended up with aldente raw potatoes.


Raw version…

Fortunately for my hubby I managed to rescue his share and popped it back in the oven for when he got home.. I can confirm it looked and tasted as yummy as the picture I was working towards. It had a lovely sweet sticky taste to it almost like a bbq sauce. Its just a shame us girls did not have the same yummy experience.


Nice and crispy…

I do not always struggle like this.. In fact most of the time they are pretty successful if the recipe I have used are from the likes of The body coach and Davina McCall. I do find there books easy to follow and most of the time quick.


A yummy success

I use my recipe books for inspiration when planning my meals for the week. I try and pick a couple of chicken dishes, a fish and red meat dish…then we like to have a #fakeaway dish and then the remainder of the week I will mix it up with quick meals like jacket potato with tuna (Ellie’s fav), my Spaghetti a la mummy or Spaghetti Bolognese or a nice homemade burger or chicken nuggets (homemade of course) and then sometimes a treat meal depending on how the week has gone.


Quite often I will combine a couple of recipes to come up with my own. My Chicken Pie recipe came about like this as I liked bits of both recipes I had found and personally think mine is far nicer of course…I like to experiment and if there is something in a recipe that I think would work better a different way I will try it.


Yummy homemade burgers!


I am a work in progress. I am no Jamie Oliver… with practice I could probably make meals better than Mr Joe Wicks and if I am really lucky one day I may well be well known enough to have someone want to help me publish a recipe book!


Jaimee x



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