Ellie’s big news…

So as many of you know I like to encourage my girls to come along to Parkruns… find out what else here in my Fitness with the kids…how I keep mine active post. Its not always top of their fun list but they do come depending on how late a night they have on the Friday. These days it tends to just be Ellie as Niamh has very long ballet lessons at the moment while rehearsing for her show next month.

In January we had a bit of motivation after I entered them into a Virtual run (Virtual runner Uk) where they got their amazing unicorn medals. (If you head on over to Instagram you can get the complete story and videos of her running)…and here on my Virtual runner…The unicorn medals post.


Virtual runner uk

Well Ellie has now made it to the Park runs club 10, a bit of encouragement for her and an incentive to keep it up. Unfortunately for us adults we have to wait until we have dcompleted 50 but the kids rightly so should be praised for all their efforts. She had actually completed 10 Parkruns 2 runs ago but silly mummy had not noticed.


Sporting her new t-shirt!!!

As a reward she got a very special t-shirt. The first one to get a t-shirt in the Barker household. Here she is proudly making her debut run at the weekend in our local Parkrun.

I am extremely proud of her. She turns 7 in a couple of weeks and her request has been to run a Parkrun whilst wearing a birthday sash…my little runner is going to go far.

If you would like to know more about your local Parkrun you can find it here at Parkrun Uk

Jaimee x


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