My go to supermarkets…

Its that time again. My Thrifty Thursday…. Since I begun my healthy eating journey I have started to pay more attention to the best places to purchase some of the things that can become very expensive. So here is my list of go to places… I am always discovering more. The 2 main supermarkets I shop in happen to be because they are convenient and in my town. I’m quite sure if I had a morrisons or asda I would be shopping in them all.

Whole nuts such as almonds, walnuts and pecan nuts I always purchase at Lidls. They are so much cheaper meaning I can make a jar of almond butter for a fraction of the cost of the ready made ones.

Veg I like to see what is on offer but my go to places are Tesco and Lidl. I tend to get the veggies that Lidl have on offer for the week and then get the rest at tesco.

Meat and fish I usually get in Lidl. Lidl do not sell my favourite Heck sausages so I do get these from Tesco.

Yogurt and cheese I prefer to get from Tesco. It is cheaper in Lidl for some of it but I love Total Fage greek yogurt and I prefer Tesco cheese for flavour. I live to rummage through the cheese Tesco put in a section that has come from the deli counter. The goats cheese is delicious.

Milk and bread varies depending on when and where I am when it runs out. I prefer Tesco for their bread…this is partly due to discovering Lidl wholemeal bread contained sugar. I was quite devastated as it was very yummy. I do like Lidl protein rolls though.

Frozen fruit you get much more for the same money in Lidl but the selection is not as large so I go to tesco for bags of raspberries and Blackberries. Frozen veggies are pretty cheap in both but again Tesco have a much bigger selection.

I make my own nut butters unless I spot a bargain.

My biggest saving it meal planning and sticking to my list… I am very good at sticking to a list. I like to get in and get out quickly no messing.

Top finds for this week…

  • Lidl pick of the week on leeks, baking potatoes, spinach and speciality broccoli (I’m assuming this will be purple and tenderstem)
  • Nestle low sugar cheerios £1.50 Tesco
  • Lindt dark chocolate £1.60 in Tesco and Asda
  • Whitworths sayer dates and other dried fruits 2 for £2
  • Meridian crunchy peanut butter 454g £2 Asda
  • Frozen salmon fillets 2 for £5 Asda
  • Danone light and free yogurt £1 Morrisons
  • Mission Deli wraps 2 for £2 Morrisons

Come back next week where I will hopefully have some more bargains to share….

Jaimee x


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