Today I decided to give Mysupermarket a try.. A money saving website where you shop using your usual supermarket and then it price compares to see if there is a cheaper alternative or its cheaper else where.

It did not match all my items despite knowing that if I had gone through Tesco website I would have been able to get the item.

Using the mysupermarket website I put in my shopping list and it came to £85.33. They said I would save money with Lidl but actually there were 8 items missing so this likely would have not made a saving. Having used this website I thought I would actually go and do my shopping like normal which involves starting in Lidl and getting the rest from Tesco/B and M/ Aldi. I managed to make my own saving by doing this as I got all my shopping for £70.80. This is a weeks shop which included a few non food items like kitchen roll and toiletries. I tend to buy these spread out over the month or if I see a really good offer. The bulk of this shop was from Lidl and the items I couldn’t find I got from Tesco.

My best buys:

  • Eggs for an extra 14p I got an extra 3 eggs from Lidl with their box of 15 mixed size eggs
  • Frozen skinless salmon 4 fillets for £3.59

The website may not be that useful for actually shopping through but it does have some good things about it. Such as picking out Savvy buys with No added sugarOffers of the day, swap and save on cheaper items found in your store choice, switch stores when found cheaper else where, voucherstop offers, and the option for a split checkout if it is found that it is cheaper to do this.

My top 10 picks for this week are…

  1. Purple sprouting brocoli £1 tesco
  2. Frozen salmon fillets £4 tesco and £3.59 Aldi and Lidl or 2 for £5 Asda
  3. Courgettes 89p Tesco
  4. Yeo valley greek style yogurt £1.20
  5. Oranges 79p Tesco
  6. Uncle bens rice and grains £1 Tesco
  7. Strawberries £1 Asda
  8. Heck chicken sausages £2.50 Asda
  9. Nestle Shreddies £1 Asda
  10.  Lidls pick of the week veg 69p: lemons, mini veg, shallots and british apples

Until next week

Jaimee x

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