Thrifty Thursday… This weeks offers

Today I thought I’d do a show and tell on the offers on things I like to buy from this week… I have discovered a new website that is helping me with this!!! I have seen this site before but never really given it a try. I will be making it something I try this week and feedback to you all but in the meantime here are my top 10 finds….

  1. Meridian crunchy and smooth peanut butter currently just £1 in tesco
  2. Alpro coconut milk £1 in tesco and 3 for £3 in Waitrose
  3. Cook italian wholewheat spaghetti and penne pasta 62p in Tesco
  4. Frozen avocado £2.50 Tesco (use in smoothies or mashed on toast. Not so good in salad. You get approx 10 halves which works out at 50p an avocado)
  5. Purple sprouting brocoli £1 in tesco
  6. Quaker oat and fruit breakfast pouch 69p Tesco
  7. Muller light greek style yogurt £1.25 Tesco and Sainsbury’s
  8. Yeo valley little yeo yogurts 2 for £2 tesco, £1 sainsbury’s and morrisons
  9. Rocket, parsnips, Carrots and spring onions 35p Lidl
  10. My non food find is a suspension Trainer in Aldi for £11.99 and Tesco £12.50 I love mine. So many exercises can be done with it and in very little space

Hope you all have a good week. See you back here next week for my next Thrifty Thursday!

Jaimee x

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