Keeping Fit… my top tips

I used to be the worst role model when it came to keeping fit… literally you would not catch me doing anything. I fleeted between exercise videos because I felt like I had to. Then I started running and the weight started to come away so I kept at it. I went on to do several races over a few years and loved the thrill of crossing that finish line… I found training for it hard work during winter months but enjoyed running through the rest of the year…

When the weight stopped coming away despite eating really well I started going to the gym and body pump classes. I got a bit of a bug for lifting weights…. after this I was hooked. I actually get antsy if I can’t do any exercise for a few days…don’t get me wrong there are days where I still really would rather not but this is short lived when I think about the regret I will feel if I don’t.

Cardio and resistance training…

Cardio helps us to burn calories as well as having an abundance of health benefits. It allows us to have a negative energy balance if combined with a nutritious diet. When we do cardio with a calorie restricted diet the body uses some fat stored in the body as fuel but we can also lose some of our lean tissue (muscle), which is why a combination of cardio and resistance training is recommended. This will help us to rebuild those muscles. The more lean tissue we have the the more our basal metabolic rate (BMR) will increase which in turn helps the body to burn more calories. Weight training is a form of resistance training.

Here are my tips to getting it done…

  • Workout early sets you up for the day. If I do it as soon as I’ve dropped the kids off at school or before it makes the rest of my day productive.
  • Plan them at the beginning of the week. If you know your not going to be a morning person schedule what, where and when you will do them for the week ahead. Its harder to not do something if you have prepared mentally for it.
  • Do something you enjoy. There will be something I promise. I love a variety so I do a lot of Youtube HIIT sessions like The Body Coach and Body Fit by Amy. I run but I am a bit of a fair weather runner these days…seasonal shall we say. But my favourite thing to do is strength training. I have a mini gym in my spare room now as I had to give up my gym membership when I gave up working.
  • Follow fitness experts/PT’s on social media that you know will motivate you.
  • I aim to do 4-5 days a week and always have at least 2 rest days…I do try to make sure I walk on these days though. Rest days are important for recovery.
  • Mix it up and do cardio and resistance training to keep your body guessing whats coming next……
  • Household chores…for the purpose of this blog I tracked my usual cleaning day which was 2hrs and I burnt 493kcals according to my apple watch. Now I know these things aren’t always that accurate but on average you will burn 190kcals/hour when cleaning. I have a 3 storey house so I think the stairs helped when I had to go up and down to get things. Do you know what it actually made it a lot easier getting it done knowing that could be my cardio for the day.
  • Put on some music that you enjoy…I have been using spotify to make playlists depending on what I am doing and I always listen to music while I run or maybe even download a podcast to listen to.
  • Make it part of your social life so walk to the park, shops, friends, restaurant etc.
  • Do fun activities with the kids. I like taking mine along to the Parkrun and we go on lots of family walks and holidays with lots of scenic walks.

We have been making our own fitness videos over the last few months which you can find on our Youtube channel. I am no expert but they are things I have picked up and learnt from those that are…Keeping fit with the kidsBeginners HIITStairs HIIT

Give them a try and just keep moving!!

Jaimee x


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