#bgjtl seminar

Today I attended a seminar hosted by Angela Cox (Instagram) about her weight loss journey. She started a closed group on Facebook that now holds approx 18,800 members that go by the name of A big girls journey to lean (bgjtl). I have been a member for just a few months after my friend told me about it. I soon realised it was a very supportive forum with no bitching or nastiness like you get on some. When the opportunity came up to attend the seminar my friend invited me along to keep her company. How could I say no. I was as eager as her to hear Angela’s story.

It was very inspiring listening to her story. She was very honest and brave to tell us how she got to where she is today… she has worked hard for it and like many of us done some pretty drastic things along the way. None of which would work for long. As well as herself her admin team that help run the page talked of their own journeys. They were all very touching and quite emotional.

The main point that I have come away with from the seminar is we all have our own stories… someone out there can relate to this story and be inspired and motivated to change the things they want to change. Whether that be weight related…fitness….life goals we all have a story. If we share it, together we can all inspire each other. We are all in charge of our own destiny. We will like have hurdles to climb and life will likely give us challenges along the way.

I could very easily sit here feeling sorry for myself and feeling like everything is against me but that attitude will only lead to misery and depression. I for one can relate to several of their stories in different ways and they have inspired me. It has given me fuel in my belly to try harder and challenge myself more. I hope out there someone can relate to my story and I can inspire you.

It has reinforced my reasoning for doing this blog…

Jaimee x

#bgjtl #biggirlsjourneytolean

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