If you are following me on Instagram you will know that we have been enjoying a lot of #fakeaway nights recently, so much I have decided to make it a weekly theme night…unless of course we are actually having a real takeaway…


Its also a good opportunity to get the girls to try things I would never usually give them for fear of them not liking it!!!

We enjoyed a successful mexican night this week. It was so good we even decided to have the left overs the next day.


Yummy chilli con carne with Mexican rice


Homemade guacamole!!!


Mexican night!!!

This weeks #fakeaway is going to be Turkish with a twist of greek…kebabs, pitta and salad.

Whats your favourite takeaway…

My top favourites are probably Indian, Turkish and Pizza. I always like the idea of Chinese but the actual reality of it is always a let down. Maybe I can knock up something a little more enjoyable. Then of course we have fish and chips and if it counts as a takeaway… the favourite burger fast food chains.

Every single one of them has a healthy alternative that can be made at home if its something you enjoy but dislike the added calories… and better still it will save you heaps of money.

I have discovered Tesco have a list of 30 minute #fakeaway meals that I have been exploring. Watch this space…

Comment below with your favourites and I’ll try and give them a go.

Jaimee x

7 thoughts on “#fakeaway

  1. Nicole says:

    I’ve been desperately trying to eliminate an egregiously costly (to both my wallet and my waistline) takeaway habit. I have become rather partial to homemade pizza with my own dough, turkey burgers and I’m building my Indian repertoire.

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