Discounts, offers, savings

I’ve always wanted to be one of these people that save pennies by hunting out discount codes and vouchers… but I’ve always been a bit lazy at looking for them, or I forget.

Now that we are reliant on one wage a month I feel I have no choice… As they say look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves…

So my first must is to always go through Quidco. I’m sure loads of you use it. You simply search on it for a shop, website even utility bills you are wanting to use and the app takes you to their site and offers varying cash backs. We went through Uswitch via Quidco to change our tariff with our current energy supplier and got £20 back…for just going through their app. Normally I’d have just gone directly through them. Sky and BT have some pretty good cash backs if you are looking to change… go see. Supermarkets tend to only do it on your first shop with them. Hotel bookings we got a little back on our recent stay with Travelodge, holiday parking companies, clothes shops and so much more…

Discount codes… now if someone knows of a voucher code site that actually works please share… I never seem to have much luck with them. I need to start a folder in my emails dedicated to all the discount codes I get from places I’ve shopped or signed up to. I get hundreds but always delete them…

Restaurant apps… how many of you eat out a lot? We go out at least once a month and I’m sure there are lots of you that go out much more than this. Think of all the money you could save if you sign up to their apps and get the vouchers to use. Toby Carvery is my favourite so far.. they have a loyalty scheme where after 5 carvery’s you get a pudding and 10 you get a free carvery… Now I’m not saying I go there nearly enough to get these freebies but… I do love a carvery!!!

Offers, offers, offers… I love a good offer. Last week I told you about Lidls weekly offers on fruit and veg as well as all the other bargains they have. Well its obviously not limited to there…shop around. Most of the supermarkets have weekly offers and meal deals now. Tesco have their monthly magazines that always have vouchers to use in store.

Shop around… I love places like Holland and Barrett but I do find myself coming out of there empty handed because it is expensive…until they do their penny sales. Oh wow this is the time to stock up on those luxuries you know you couldn’t afford on a normal day. This week they are doing Buy one get one half price… so today I purchased mainly Meridian products… crunchy peanut butter, some strawberry jam and some yeast extract (or to me and you marmite) and some choc shot that had been recommended to me. They are all refined sugar free… These would have cost me £9.55 but I saved £2.93 with their offer. I also got some better than half price coconut sugar for £3.39. Of course I have done a price comparison with good old Tesco but they do not sell the fruit spread and yeast extract. Their peanut butter is about 25p cheaper and the choc shot is currently on offer for £2 and is usually £3.50.


Groupon is another app I have on my phone yet never remember to check it… at what point do you guys go looking for something on there? Or do you just browse every now and then and impulsively buy things?

Now its your turn… I want to know your money saving tips for me to try?…

Jaimee x

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