Week 3 sugar free

Week 3 is done… woo hoo! I started on a day that really could have sent me into melt down when it comes to food. I was faced with my first buffet which luckily was limited to sandwiches, sausage rolls and vol-au-vents (can’t believe these still are seen on a buffet table…a little bit 90’s). This was to be my dinner so I did not worry about the added sugars it may contain… I was driving so I stuck to drinking tea and water. It could have been a whole lot worse. The stomach pains and nausea I was experiencing seemed to resolve. I am not sure if it was stress/worry related or just a coincidence.

Once I returned from our short stay away I went back to my normal focused kind of way of eating. In fact I perhaps was more conscious of it. I think the third week has been a little easier as I have got used to checking the labels and most of my food is made from whole foods with nothing added but what I put in anyway.

As a bit of a self inquisitiveness I wanted to check the way I eat is actually with in my recommended calorie allowance… I am not a fan of tracking calories. I think its really hard to stick to and after a while we stop weighing or forget to add things… however it is a really good way of training yourself to understand portions, mindfulness snacking and which foods are good to avoid. It turned out to be a good experiment as it confirmed that my way of eating was in fact with in my calorie allowance and included a little deficit to help me lose some of that unwanted body fat.

I was finding myself eating far more starchy carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes in the first 2 weeks of the challenge… and have found that I feel so much better for cutting it back again because I am most of the time less bloated. Now I am not saying don’t eat them.. I still do but for me I over eat them which in turn means I am over my calorie count and this is when I start to notice unwanted gains. I prefer to limit my starchy carbs to wholegrain slow releasing ones and have what is actually classed as a portion… its quite small you know. I will do a blog soon on portion control. It will surprise you to see what is classed as a portion.

On to my last week now and then measurements and progress pics to see if its made any difference after just a short while. I say my last week but there is no way I am undoing all this hard work now…treat nights will be controlled and rest of the time I will be staying away from the white stuff…

Jaimee x

2 thoughts on “Week 3 sugar free

  1. sydneybudgetmum says:

    Don’t worry too much re carbs unless it’s very refined with oil etc. most of the world eats rice three meals a day. But yes there is a tendency to prefer this when you go off cane sugar. I found eating two pieces of fresh fruit a day helped sugar cravings…and the fruit tastes sweeter too as I had cut all sugar and most salt.

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