Using up your fresh herbs…

Welcome back to Thrifty Thursday. If this is your first time here then this blog is all about a money saving tip or bargain I have found to help the pennies go further.

I am sharing this blog again on using up your herbs as I think its a brilliant way of having things prepped and ready to use for your meals. I have some new followers now so it is for those of you that missed it.

I have always loved using fresh herbs in my cooking. They give a far better taste than the dried stuff in some meals, but I get really frustrated with trying to grow them and they wilt and die on me. Basil and rosemary is about all I can grow but even my rosemary can be a bit temperamental during the winter months which is when I use it the most….

So here is a nifty tip for you.

Chop your herbs up and place in a ice cube tray. Add a drop of water or my preference is to add some olive oil and freeze them. Then when you need them pop one out and use it in your cooking. No need to even defrost it if adding it to hot food.

Or use it as a dressing for your salad by allowing it to thaw. It doesn’t take too long.

Trick is to remember which herb is which so I suggest labels.

Come back next week for another money saving idea.

Jaimee x

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