Week 2 Sugar free

Week 2 sugar free is over. Until today I had not really wanted anything sugar wise but now sat in a hotel room with limited space makes me want to sit and binge. That and the smell of the chocolate oranges my lot devoured today….. did I mention I actually gave them to them.

As most of you know I’d like to think I had a pretty healthy diet anyway so my sugar intake was probably quite small although I’m sure still over the recommended amount. Because of this I didn’t expect to have too many side effects from stopping sugar… just missing out on the odd treat. But….I’ve been suffering with some possible food intolerance symptoms…. could this be my side effects? or could it be because I have effectively started eating more of the foods I used to limit? or didn’t have quite so much of due to being able to focus on what I was eating rather than the sugar I currently can not eat. It started with a real tummy ache, griping wind pain and a bloated tummy and then I just seemed to feel nauseaous after what I now believe to be the milk products I was drinking and eating. I begun writing it all down and the nausea definitely seems to coincide with milk products but the bloated tummy seems to be wheat products. I’ve always had this and wondered if wheat was the cause.. after I gave up all gluten for a while. When I reintroduced it I noticed the bloating… didn’t stop me eating it though I just  limited it.

Until today I couldn’t stomach a cup of tea…. unless it was made with soya milk but tonight I have been using the UHT hotel milks and it has been fine. All very odd. Anyone shed any light or experience? I’m going to carry on writing it down and over the next week see what happens.

I have rearranged our spare bedroom and made some space for me to be able to move about with my barbbell I was given for Christmas. I love having somewhere to go and have loved lifting weights again. I’m sure it will not be as heavy or the same as what I could have safely done in the gym or with my PT but while money is tight I will make do and just do more reps with less weight. My sister has even been coming over to use it to get herself wedding ready and looking gorgeous for her wedding this year.

I didn’t get out again for the park run which I’m annoyed at myself for but the snow put my girls off. It was great to see a post from where I take part in the park run saying that they will hopefully be getting a junior park run coming to us soon…. this will be so much better for my girls and hopefully if on a Sunday I can drag my nieces and nephew along too.

I’ve probably had a few too many treats this week in the form of crisps… not something I’d usually eat until I discovered ready salted do not have added  sugar. That has probably been my comfort food this week.

Curry night has become a popular night and this week was no different. We had chicken tikka massala and Bombay potatoes with rice…. I’d like to make a spicy one so will make 2 next time…one for the kids and one for the grown ups.

Apart from tomorrow or today depending on when you are reading this I have no real obstacles in my way to keep on the straight and narrow.

Even though I only have 2 weeks left of this challenge I want to continue as I have been but maybe have a little dark chocolate here and there.

I will do another weekly update next week. Have a good one and keep your eyes peeled for my weekly tip and money saving blogs….

Jaimee x

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