Weekly offers…

Lets talk offers. I love a good bargain but I have to admit if it means searching all the shops for them its likely to not happen. Like most of us we prefer convenience.

Since I have given up work however I have more time for this… well when I’m not on here blogging anyway. I need to find more time for it. We all want to tighten our belts when it comes to spending, so I do try and shop around a bit more. You can easily do this by planning ahead too as most supermarkets are online even if you can not go as far as ordering and having it delivered. You can plan what to get from where…

So this weeks Thrifty Thursday is going to Lidl… They have their weekly brochure that you can access online and decide if its worth the trip. I tend to get as many veggies as I can from Lidl and my meat. Especially the ones they have on offer. The shop can seem a bit disorganised but if you go in there prepared for that its worth the trouble. I should start adding up the savings I make…

The offers run from Thursday-Wednesday. This weeks offers include lots of gym equipment too. They have themed weeks and this week is French week.

Take a look. See if you can save any pennies on your shop this week.

Jaimee x

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