Day 8 Sugar free

Today has felt like I have been back at work. Not in the normal sense for me but that I actually had a job. I have been sat researching and writing blogs for most of the day…and watching t.v programmes for research purposes. I could totally get used to this way of life.

Another day on track. I am waiting for these sugar cravings to come and bite me in the arse as I am yet to have any. I’m quite sure its going to be a monster craving when it happens. I’m a tad scared. Fingers crossed I can see it through to the end of the 4weeks and then the worst should be over with. If the experts are right in what they say I am likely to dislike or at least not find sweet things as appealing as before. Watch this space.

I have noticed that I am eating more starchy “smart” carbs than I was before. I have no idea if this is a natural response to curb the lack of sugar or if its just because I’m concentrating so hard on taking the sugar out of my diet that I am not thinking about it as much. It doesn’t seem to be effecting me the way it used to…unless I start piling on the pounds again I like the lifestyle change. I am more aware of the sugar in the carbs like white bread now so its a natural pull towards the wholemeal variety.

I did the last of the HIIT sessions with Joe wicks from his January bootcamp. My god I struggled. You think your fit until someone comes along and turns it up a notch. Not sure you can ever feel fit doing a HIIT session.

Food diary…

  • Breakfast was a bowl of porridge with mashed banana, pecan butter, flaked almonds and cinnamon.
  • Lunch was poached eggs on toast.. I had planned to have a tuna pitta but the eggs were really calling me today. They turned out perfectly too.
  • Dinner was an amazing pork fillet with mushroom sauce from Davina’s Sugar free in a hurry book. Wow it was the best sauce. Would have been amazing with any meat. I could be trying it again with chicken.. The girls are not fans of mushrooms but they enjoyed the sauce and picked the mushrooms out.
  • Snacks were a wholemeal pitta with humous and natural yogurt and frozen berries.

See you tomorrow

Jaimee x

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