Day 7 Sugar free

Yay I have made it through my first week… Pretty easily too. Lets hope the next week goes as well.

Today ended up being a rest day. It wasn’t intentional and it wasn’t through being lazy. I had this urge to start rearranging the room I use as a gym…Oh and order a huge mirror to use in said room. Gym selfies here they come… Ok that isn’t the reason for the mirror but it does help to see if you are doing the exercises correctly. I found it quite therapeutic. The amount of stuff I had been hoarding in there was madness. It has taken me until now to put them room back together.

I have been after some lunch ideas that are easy to grab and do not involve cooking or that I can prepare in advance. After my friend suggested a soup maker I went on a search to consider purchasing one. SOLD out!!!! What does everyone else enjoy for their lunches? I am not quite ready to hit the salad yet… and I would like lower carb lunches. My search continues.

Food diary…

  • Breakfast was some amazingly yummy banana pancakes with blueberries and natural yogurt.
  • Lunch.. well I will so busy I nearly didn’t have any so I had some wholemeal toast and butter.
  • Dinner was spaghetti and meatballs. I took some inspiration from Davina Sugar free in a hurry. We had chicken meatballs instead of pork and I added courgette and leek to the tomato sauce. It was delicious. Clean plates all around.
  • Snacks I had a handful of nuts with some cheddar cheese and frozen berries with natural yogurt.

1 week down 3 to go… and beyond!!!

Jaimee x

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