Day 5 Sugar free

I woke up today determined to not make the same mistakes as yesterday. I enjoyed my lay in but got myself up and sorted and did an hour of weight training in my little home gym. I even managed a phew pull ups… My goal is to do them with out the help of a band. It felt good. This is the place I get to zone out from the world and challenge myself.

I knew I would be facing my first challenge of the month… Eating out!!! It is really hard eating out at the best of times but eating out and wanting to eat a meal that is sugar free.. well you kind of just need to be sensible with your choice and hope for the best. Pudding was definitely not an option. They did have a lower calorie option but it was not sugar free. I went with a coffee which annoyingly turned up with a biscuit. I managed to resist temptation. I actually did not even find it hard. I find wasting food though the hardest challenge.

I am quite sure my determination is for sure because I am doing this as a challenge rather than a lifestyle change… I hope when the challenge is over though that my habit will have changed and I can continue making smarter choices.

Food diary…

  • Breakfast porridge made with almond milk and added pureed pear and cinnamon.
  • Lunch/Dinner was a chicken roast dinner with all the trimmings.
  • Snacks I had a left over sausage from last nights dinner and a handful of nuts.

Tomorrow day 6… Lets be having you!!

Shout out to my friend Claire who is smashing this sugar free life!! She has gone completely cold turkey more so than me and is doing brilliantly. We both have our reasons for wanting to finish this and need all our friends behind us to get us to the end.

Jaimee x

Cutting the sugar…

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