Day 4 Sugar free

Today was tough. Not because I craved sugar… or because I caved into anything I shouldn’t but because I didn’t plan and I didn’t start the day the way I wanted to.

I want to want to go to the Park run on a Saturday but the reality is if the girls say they don’t want to do it I climb back into my bed. Its the first day of the weekend. The first day we don’t need to rush to get ready for school. So this morning that is exactly what I did. I then got my gym clothes on and planned to do something later that day after the ballet run. That didn’t happen either. So now I am sat here annoyed with myself. Tomorrow is another day. I do plan to get up and work out. I have a lunch out to earn.

My second failing was not planning my food for the day. Not being home for most of it meant I picked at cheese, nuts and ham. Oh and a apple. Looking for quick grab-able lunches on the go. I know there are lots of you that need them.

Food diary….

  • Breakfast was shredded wheat with a banana. I hadn’t really wanted to eat bananas during this sugar free month. They are allowed but they are high in sugar and I wanted to stick with lower sugar fruits such as berries.
  • Lunch like I said earlier didn’t really happen so I ate a small lump of cheese with a handful of nuts. Some wafer thin ham and an apple…well half of what my daughter had decided not to eat.
  • Dinner was some lean, sugar free sausages, sweet potato fries and some crushed peas (a compromise to the mushy peas I had wanted).
  • Snacks was a bowl of mixed frozen berries and natural yogurt topped with lidl cereal topper and some crushed pecans. I had a bag of ready salted crisps as my treat… sugar free and totally not worth the bother haha!!

Tomorrow is another day. Learn by your mistakes and move on. Better preparation. More determination. I am ready for day 5!!!

See you tomorrow

Jaimee x

Cutting the sugar…

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