Day 3 Sugar free

I have survived another day sugar free. I thought today would be challenging. Its treat night in our house…. but I behaved. I started the day a bit moody. Probably not likely to be sugar related…. just mummy being a moody mare. I had no cravings for anything sweet really. I’m not too sure I will. After all this isn’t completely new to me.

Today was a rest day so no workouts but I tried to at least reach my 10,000 steps. I managed 12,000 woo hoo go me.

Today was a day spent with my mum, something I have begun to treasure and be grateful that I can. She took me out for a belated birthday lunch. I am a very lucky girl indeed.

Food diary…

  • Breakfast was the remainder of the Bircher Muesli from the day before.
  • Lunch was at a small bistro/coffee bar called Bohemia. It seemed a safe bet that I would find something sugar free on the menu. I went for avocado, smoked salmon and a poached egg on a slice of sour dough. It was delicious and I will definitely return to try some other things on the menu.
  • Dinner was BBC good food Butter Chicken, coconut basmati rice and onion bhaji. All homemade. I attempted to make naan bread but without the right ingredients and my substitutes did not quite work. I wanted to make them with out sugar… my search continues to find a recipe that works. I ended up with crispy flat breads that were not too flat…
  • Snacks I finished off the day with some frozen raspberries, yogurt and cereal topper which is ground fruits and seeds mix I get from Lidl.
  • Drinking was probably worse today than usual. Probably because I wasn’t really sat at home with it in front of me. Need to improve this.

I have probably eaten more starchy carbohydrates in the last 2 days than I have for months. I’d like to reduce this a bit over as I do not cope well when I eat too many of them. My body just doesn’t seem to like them. I always make smarter choices with my carbs opting for wholemeal varieties but these still make me bloat.

See you tomorrow

Jaimee x

Cutting the sugar…

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