Day 2 Sugar free

Another day survived with out the sugar… well almost. I may have inadvertently eaten a few grains but I won’t beat myself up about it.

I started the day with my buddy The Body coach who was joined by my other favourite fitness inspo Faisal PMA fitness who both filmed a Live HIIT workout. Loved it. My favourite so far.

I had a small headache today. Nothing serious and I’m not convinced it is related as I had a slight earache too so watch this space.

Food diary…

  • Breakfast I had Bircher muesli. It was a base mix from Tesco but I am quite sure I could have made my own. To this I added yogurt and grated apple. The recipe said to use apple juice but as I am sugar free this month I opted to make it with a little more yogurt and a whole apple rather than the 1/4 it asked for. I then left it over night and topped with blueberries just before eating.
  • For lunch I had dippy eggs and soldiers. Literally they were soldiers… I have a special cutter especially for the job.
  • Dinner was Clean eating Alice Harissa and lime salmon with coconut rice. This was the point I ate sugar unknowingly. I had remembered I should probably check the ingredients list of the Harissa paste before using but forgot until after I’d eaten it. In reality there was less than a teaspoon in the whole jar and as I only had a teaspoon of it I will not cry into my pillow just yet. But people check your labels….
  • Snacks I had some cheddar cheese with a handful of nuts.
  • I drank a lot more water today but I still could improve on this. I much prefer to drink tea. It may help with the headaches though.

The girls taunted me with their sweet tin but I refrained. I must stock up on some yogurts as they look forward to this after their dinner. I am yet to find a lower sugar alternative however. If anyone knows of any smooth low sugar options please leave a comment below.  I would happily eat full fat plain with some fruit but they do not like it yet…I might try making a fruit compote to mix in see how that goes down…

See you tomorrow

Jaimee x

Cutting the sugar…

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