Thrifty Thursday… Frozen veg

Frozen vegetables are brilliant to have in your freezer. Added to your meals or steamed to be served with your meal. They do not perish and are equally as good for you as the fresh stuff.

I have always had a supply of frozen veg. I love to add them to my curries and even casseroles. I do however prefer to eat fresh veg when serving with my dinner as it is wetter when cooked than fresh vegetables. They are quick to use as you have no chopping to do.

£1.40 will get you a bag of frozen spinach which equates to about 12 bags of fresh spinach. Jamie Oliver once demonstrated this on one of his shows. A bag of fresh spinach will cost you £1.50 if its even in stock due to the current spinach crisis we seem to be having.

A bag of frozen broccoli will cost you £1.10 for 900g. A fresh broccoli costs 43p (£1.13/kg) so its a like for like comparison really but I like to use it along side cauliflower in a vegetable curry.

£1.10 will get you a 900g bag of frozen green beans and for 220g of fresh green beans will cost you £1.

I usually have frozen courgette too but they seem to be the latest stock shortage so I am unable to do a comparison. Now might be the time to start growing our own. The price of fresh veg is rising due to the shortage caused by bad weather. Now is a good time to get stocked up on frozen and hope we can ride out this crisis! #courgettecrisis

I am now off to search all the supermarkets for some courgette to try out my new spiralizer.

Happy Thursday everyone

Jaimee x

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